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Template Plazza – Professional Joomla Templates

Template Plazza
Template Plazza is a unique website offering premium templates for Joomla on a membership basis. When users sign up, Template Plazza provides the template specifically to users. Templates have limited use based on the available domains in the user’s membership type. Webpreneurs can download all the available templates to test them out before making a commitment.  Web designers get unlimited access to customizable templates.

It’s easy to find the right environment at Template Plazza because you can try before you decide on a final version. Figure out which template is best for your business needs then apply it later on. Making a choice is easier because you already know what works and what doesn’t.

While Template Plaza is a template club, they offer extra services to improve the value of the templates. Additional components enrich the utilization and function of the template for a workable web design. Special extensions on each template release is an option offered for optimal use of the template. It can be changed and used for other templates for added flexibility.

Each of the latest template releases has a Quickstart Package with Joomla installation, required components and dummy content to replicate a website demo. The private forum and support team offer guidance to users who have questions or want to share their experiences. An interactive forum is also an excellent way to discover shortcuts and new developments.

Templates can be modified to change the color or background. If you have basic skills for picture editing with Photoshop and some knowledge about using HTML and CSS, you can modify the Template Plazza templates to be one-of-a-kind. Select photos to reflect your business and its products and goals. Use a color scheme to match your other business logos and themes. Give the template a flair all your own.

The templates are Joomla 1.5 ready and XHTML/CSS valid so you’re good to go. The support team created a wealth of tutorials guiding you through common tasks in templates and Joomla beginner help. The demo website gives you an opportunity to see the templates in action so you get a better feel for whether they appeal to your business image. The copyright information can be removed from the Template Plaza footer for total personalization and be “powered” by your company.

The use of templates is based on your type of membership and whether you create websites for personal use or as a business. The Personal Membership License allows you to use the template for four domains. This is ideal for personal webpreneurs managing their own websites for profit. Use templates to create up to four websites in less time that you thought possible.

Web designers can take advantage of the Developer Membership License to use the templates for their own website and the websites designed for clients. There is no limit per domain as long as web designers follow the Terms and Conditions of Template Plazza and have an up-to-date membership.

Make web designing easier and more streamlined with the use of Template Plazza Templates. Create the web environments you imagine with less work and knowledge than you expected.



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