Ex customer
Fantastic, great speed, & clear answers

I am an ex 1and1 customer and have been for some years, why? Mostly because whatever company I worked for they already had 1and1 installed so I set up my own dedicated server so I could run tests etc before applying to my work environment.

At no point in my whole experience with 1and1 could I understand the billing system and the POOR support they offered. I mean what company who runs a service dedicated to the internet can’t take one off online payments? If they did I probably would never of had any problems. But I did and when I came to support I had to fill out a form where I usually got redirected to the most illogical FAQ documents or some random person who has never even heard of computer???

Thus so far I have had a very frustrating personal experience with web servers. However I stumbled upon interactive online because they had a greatly competitive offer on supportive hosting services for the Joomla set up which I have been very interested in for some time because of it being a very highly spoken open source community software application.

As you would expect with my past experiences I didn’t expect a great deal of support or level of service so braced for the worst and dunked my toe and purchased a pretty standard and very low cost hosting solution to get my own Joomla set up.

I can’t believe how easy it has been! Immediately I could make one off payments just by using PayPal, No forced monthly subscriptions of unreasonable timing and 14 day turnarounds. It was immediate!

You wouldn’t believe how relieved I was at this and from that point I was understandably a lot lot happier 🙂

But that wasn’t what really made my day. I had numerous issues with 1and1 leaving and all the way through the interactiveonline team managed to deal with some major issues within one week! with 1and1 those sort of issues take months! and I’m not joking!!!

I believe a ticketing system is essential these days with online communities and interactiveonline’s ticketing system is fantastic, great speed of response, smart clear answers and no b*ll***t in-between.

I recommend InteractiveOnline to anyone who needs a break from a poor hosting provider looking for a break 😉