Ex Godaddy Customer

This is a long over due review. Most importantly, I’ve been an interactiveonline client for two years. I found their service through a trade magazine and although I had never heard of them, I figured it had to be better than Go Daddy and Network Solutions. I feel it’s necessary to preface all of this commentary by saying, ‘this review is real…we use Interactive Online all day, every day and are moving more internet real estate to their service because they are that good.

We at Red Rock Digital Media live by the mantra “a product is only as good as the service they provide in support of their product”. Well, interactive has service down in spades. This is not only a phenomenal hosting provider, but, David Tanguay (and team) are responsive and overwhelmingly knowledgable. Issues from script installation to domain transfers are all handled with the greatest of ease. Moreover, YOU NEVER feel alone…simple as that. Advice is direct, correct and most importantly consistent…

This review should resonate with anyone looking for hosting. We currently have sites that are hosted with BIG competitors; not only is the service slow and differing every time you call..we always leave with the feeling that no matter how long you spend or thorough you think you’ve been, you’ve got to look over your shoulder to make sure something didn’t go wrong.

If you are in the business of websites, blogs or Ecommerce, Red Rock Digital Media recommends Interactive Online as an industry leading source of hosting and service.