The Benefits of CPanel Hosting for Your Website

CPanel Web Control Panel Software

The Benefits of CPanel Hosting for Your Website

What do you look for when choosing a web hosting provider? If affordability is your first consideration, you are not alone. Web hosting is an unavoidable cost associated with running a business online. Seeking a cost-effective solution is both natural and desirable. However, there are other factors to consider as well, such as ease of use and range of functionality… and there is one web hosting option that scores high in all of these considerations. You’ve guessed it – it’s CPanel hosting.

So what exactly is CPanel?

CPanel is a control panel for web hosting. Built on Linux, it provides detailed graphical interface and a host of automation tools to website administrators, thereby simplifying the process of website hosting for them. Due to these features and more, CPanel is one of the most widely used web control panels for website hosting. The fact that hosting on CPanel is cost-effective has contributed further to its popularity.

Five reasons to choose cPanel web hosting for your website

Apart from cost-effectiveness that is.

1. Ease of installation and management

CPanel is the easiest to install – all you need is a Linux environment and free space on your system.

The control panel is equally easy to handle and manage as well. The graphical interface is intuitive and it streamlines all web hosting features ranging from accessing mail and managing website files to viewing weblogs, managing domains and more to make website management hassle-free for administrator(s).

2. Ease of use

Thanks to the intuitive graphical interface, cPanel is incredibly user friendly. Individual tools have friendly icons that must be familiar to the Windows and Mac users. They are categorized according to functionality and displayed under well-organized sections such as Mail, Files, Logs, Preferences, Security, Domain, Databases, and so on.

The control panel supports multiple domains, sub-domains, websites, and add-on domains, making it ideal for users with multiple business websites. There are video tutorials and other help available readily for non-technical users.

3. Comprehensive functionality

CPanel has a host of tools that will allow you to meet the diverse needs of your customers through your CPanel-hosted website. You can use the customization solutions offered by the control panel, or create your own solutions with the user-friendly tools, ensuring your website provides exactly what customers need or expect from you.

4. Robust security

CPanel hosting makes use of a three-tier structure, which improves management security for your website. It offers additional access control and security features such as adding passwords to directories, thereby restricting access to certain parts of your website. You have complete control over signing requests and can manage TLS/SSL keys and certificates with ease.

5. Analytics

And finally, CPanel performs certain analytical functions such as providing insight into how your account, server, and website services are functioning. You can receive real-time updates about issues with any aspect of your CPanel web hosting via text messages or mails on your Android or iOS device.

In addition, CPanel also provides a transfer tool to move your website to a new web hosting provider with ease.