The Versatility of Drupal CMS

The Versatility of Drupal CMS

You determined your target market and developed an online business around it. After much deliberation, you chose a memorable domain name and registered it. You found a reliable, affordable Drupal hosting company and now you’re ready to set up your website.

Websites consist of content pages. Those content pages must be organized so everything is accessible as you add to the site over time. One of the most popular content management systems is Drupal.

The basic unit of content in Drupal is called a node. Just about all the information in this CMS is stored as a node. Content is not sorted into various groups. Instead if using hard coding, each node has a title, author, publication date and published flag.

To create certain kids of pages or define specified site areas, you pull up content with certain properties and list it. In Drupal, the default front page has a blog format and lists the latest stories posted. Pieces with a sticky flag are moved up to the top of the list. Otherwise, the list is sorted by the date the content was published.

Another way to organize your content in Drupal is using taxonomy. Keywords are used to define types of content, sections and different categories within your website. Lists of topics are formed with related content. Keywords help to organize the content.

Drupal content can be set up in a blog style. Listing pages can show blog entries by specific writers. The blog can be sitewide or only show posts by certain writers.

You can also organize your website content by using views. The top 10 most popular pages of content can be listed to create a special section. To determine listing placement, content can be filtered based on the date published, the number of comments, by writer and by keywords.

The versatility of the Drupal CMS gives you the ability to plan a structured website that you can constantly add. Drupal allows you to build a powerful, complex website that easily grows with your changing business needs. With reliable web hosting and catchy domain name, you’re on the way to online success!

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