Choosing the Best Color Scheme for Your WordPress Site

WordPress Choose the Best Website Colors

Choosing the Best Color Scheme for Your WordPress Site

Choosing the best color scheme for your website should be one of the first considerations you take into account when starting a new project. In fact, choosing the wrong color or being careless in choosing a color can affect the perception of your website.


Things to consider when choosing a color scheme:


The company’s existing color scheme

If your company already has a color scheme for its logo, then you should choose the same color or at least a similar color for your website. Choosing a color scheme that does not match the existing scheme will confuse the viewer.


The look of the color on the web

There is a huge difference between the colors available for print and the colors available for websites. In fact, a particular color may look good on paper but not screen. This is because of the format used for both. Print media uses CMYK while web media uses RGB.


For what purpose you are using the color scheme

The color scheme you choose should match the purpose of the website. Choosing a color scheme that does not correlate with the purpose is self-defeating. For example, choosing a gray color scheme for a website about happiness and joy is not very suitable. Instead you should consider choosing a color like blue or orange. You can also mix these colors when choosing your color scheme. People like a combination of different colors when compared to a single color. You should also make sure that the colors complement each other.


The effect on the intended audience

You should do some research into what colors the audience will associate with a given project or work. For example, if you are creating a website about friendship for women, you might consider choosing a shade of pink. However, you should not limit your choices to just pink. You should also explore other colors that represent friendship.


Consider the accessibility of the color

Choosing a color that has a maximum effect is very important. That does not mean you exclude color blind people from the equation. You should take great effort in choosing a color that is suitable for both sets of people.