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TimeTracking-Payroll – ProjectFork – Export hours to CSV

We built a Time Tracking tool for ProjectFork – This tool lets you track your employees time and breaks in a simple form that you can export to CSV for excel (quickbooks coming in late June 09)

We are giving away for free the version that only exports to CSV, and does not have a date range selector for the output.


* Multiple users and groups – using native Joomla users
* Tracks time against a project
* Export can be limited to certain groups
* You can export a single user, or a group of users (Joomla groups – access levels)
* Export to CSV is free
* Pro Version – Export to Quickbooks in a native QuickBooks format – includes the ‘type’ of work for tracking L&I Rates

*NOTE* Download for free by checking out – costs $0.00
**NOTE2** This does not track time against a task, just a project – just for exporting to quickbooks – no reporting built in to projectfork

Just install as panel and plugin to ProjectFork, be sure to publish!

— During the ProjectFork Config, Sections, Install, there is an error that can be ignored – the ‘section’ DOES actually install and work.