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Top 5 Sites for Free Scripts

I can spend hours looking through free script sites. And whether I’m looking for PHP code, Javascript or Ajax, these are my top five favorite places to find them.

I’ve always considered myself more of a web designer than a programmer- so I always have my eye out for cool, free scripts to make my life easier. Here are my current top five places online to find free scripts of every type- PHP, Javascript, etc. However, this list is always changing. Much like the Internet… which is why we love it so much, yes?

Hot Scripts

The big daddy of free script sites, I admit that Hot Scripts is nearly always my first stop in a search for scripts. It’s well-organized, with thousands of scripts. Among the best things about Hot Script, IMHO, are the User Reviews and Ratings on scripts, and the ability to see licensing information immediately. Visit Hot Scripts »

SitePoint’s Scripts & Online Services Forum

When I was getting started in web development, I spent a lot of time in SitePoint’s forums. Their “Scripts & Online Services” discussion board is one of the best places to find scripts, both paid and free, as well as many excellent coders available for hire. Visit SitePoint’s Script & Online Services Forum »

Dynamic Drive

Dynamic Drive is one of the aforementioned places I can spend hours at, just looking through the various offerings. This is where I go when I need a quick- usually javascript- solution, either to use immediately or to get ideas from. Visit Dynamic Drive »

Google Code

I like to think of Google Code as a simpler to use, easier to understand SourceForge. More than just a collection of scripts, this is a code repository, featuring both full scripts and “bits” of code, covering everything from Python to Ajax to Rails. Because it’s from Google, its search engine is lightning fast, which is wonderful when you’re on a tight deadline. Visit Google Code »


Like Google Code above, Snipplr is a repository- of snippets. Snippets- bits of code that can be copied and pasted in seconds- are awesome already, and Snipplr makes them even simpler to navigate. No unnecessary fluff here, just straight-on, easy to use code. Visit Snipplr »

Where do you search for scripts and code?

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