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UIajaxIm is an ajax Instant messenger


Users joomla! are recognized by the chat tool
registration of users via the chat tool is not recognized by the site

Installation and configuration:

is a complete package to install via joomla! installer, the installation of the two plugins is done automatically and also that the tool ajax im

To learn more about using this component : www.ajaxim.com/

After installing the component you have to go to the menu Components-> UIajaxim and click on “install”

In the fields that you must learn is the name of the folder containing the installation files for the tool ajax im, then click the install button.

only the configuration to do in:

menu components> UIajaxim -> config -> give a name that will appear on the browser tab like “my cat site

Choose the language pack of your choice such as English.

In this way each registered user on the joomla site will be automatically recognized by the chat tool.

To start the tool, you need to type in the browser: http://mysite/folder_name (recorded in configuration)

Thank you for all developers of Easycreator