VirtueMart – Joomla Shopping Cart

VirtueMart – Joomla Shopping Cart

VirtueMart is a complete e-commerce solution for the Mambo and Joomla! content management systems. Run VirtueMart in catalog mode or as a convenient online shopping cart for the ultimate open source e-commerce solution. Oh, and it’s Free!!!
If you have Mambo or Joomla installed, you’re ready to install and configure VirtueMart for your online business. Both the Mambo and Joomla content management systems are free to download and use if you don’t have one already. VirtueMart and Joomla! are written in PHP so they are a cinch to use in a PHP/MySQL environment. Without any specialized expertise, your website becomes completely interactive.

Imagine the professional appearance of your website using content management systems and VirtueMart, all released under General Public License. Simply download the latest Joomla! distribution, download the VirtueMart package, add interesting Mambo templates and you’re ready to go.

Create a full service shopping cart solution with a dynamic website including a variety of plug-ins. Have interactive forums, frequently asked questions, galleries, guest books for visitors to leave their mark and keep people coming back for more. VirtueMart has no limits so you can create and maintain a website with countless products, categories, customers and orders.

A small team of active developers run VirtueMart to update the open program sources and core system.If you have questions, the VirtueMart forum has more than 8,000 members. The active community provides support and advice so you can find out the best ways to make the most of VirtueMart’s advantages for your business. Discuss problems, share solutions and find out more about using VirtueMart through interactive discussion.

VirtueMart can be modified without restrictions to create a unique website and stand out from the crowd. Download it,use it and make the most of its assets without paying a penny. Features, extensions, plug-ins, components, modules and templates give you even greater flexibility.

Users will love the ease of shopping in your online environment. With user accounts, order history, order confirmation mail, multiple languages, multiple currencies, live credit card processing and live shipping rates, you make everyone happy. If you prefer to present a catalog without prices rather than a shopping cart, it’s easy to turn off the price display. VirtueMart gives you the tools to establish any type of sales environment you imagine.

The simplest way to install what you need is the Joomla! eCommerce Edition with a bundle of Joomla! and pre-installed VirtueMart. Additional language files are available in the Language Pack with a variety of translations. This makes it possible to do business anywhere and everywhere with ease to take advantage of an international online marketplace.

Over one and a half million downloads to date make VirtueMart the leader in online shop solutions for Mambo and Joomla! VirtueMart makes it possible to offer your customers a secure online environment where they enjoy browsing and buying. With VirtueMart, it’s virtually a breeze to set up an awesome website with a shopping cart or catalog appearance. Add VirtueMart to your Mambo or Joomla content management system and watch sales soar.