VMF – Virtuemart Filtering

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VMF – Virtuemart Filtering

VMF -  Virtuemart FilteringVirtueMart Filtering tool.
Is a searching products suite (component,module) that gives the user the ability to search products using some of the products default features or custom created features.

  • Search could be done using Category, Manufacturers,Price and custom made products features.
  • Smart algorithm that displays higher, the products that match more to the selected criteria.
  • The displayed criteria (features , manufacturers etc) are based on the selected by the user category. This way “no-products found” pages are being avoided as much as possible.
  • New Features could be created for each Products Category.
  • High speed Performance
  • Multiple tasks in one Screen using AJAX for consuming time in the Backend.
  • Lightweight code and clear design.
  • Elegant , fast and easy to use VMF (AJAX based) search-module
  • Multiple languages

The new version contains some notable features:

  • Hold the selected criteria in the results page. This lets the user know what has selected previously
  • Multiple Categories search
  • Absolute or Relative matching with the selected criteria.
    With this param you can configure if you want to return the products that match all the selected criteria or even those that match at least one, Displaying higher those that match to more.

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