vtiger – Open Source CRM

vtiger – Open Source CRM

Vtiger is an affordable solution for small and medium business organizational needs. This free, full-featured open source CRM software is used by thousands of people in dozen of countries. The vibrant community is an essential part of the rapid, forward-minded development of vTiger for a variety of business needs.

Currently more than one million copies of vTiger CRM have been downloaded by users around the globe. Vtiger is available for both Linux and Windows operating systems so more small businesses have access to this valuable free software.

Low cost product support is available for production users that need reliable, ongoing support. Vtiger CRM gives you a full set of CRM capabilities including sales force automation, customer service and support, marketing automation, inventory management, activity management, security management, calendaring and email integration.

Vtiger also offers a variety of extensions of customizable feature to personalize your CRM solution to completely meet the needs of your unique business operations. Even if you need a new functionality, the team at vTiger provides this level of customization to meet your needs.

You don’t need to be a computer expert to get vTiger going. The CRM software installation is straightforward with all necessary software integrated. A single executive file is available for Window and Linux (Suse, Fedora, RedHat, Mandrake and Debian). The database setup, web server and other software for vTiger are all automatically handled by the installer for a hassle-free installation.

For larger businesses, vTiger productivity enhancement add-ons are available including a Thunderbird Extension for Thunderbird email users, Customer Portal, Office Plug-In for Microsoft Word and Outlook Plug-In for users of Microsoft Outlook.

Vtiger provides features businesses need to get to the next level of success. Sales force automation offers lead management so you never lose a potential client, account and contact management to keep in touch with valued connections, opportunity management to stay on top of recent developments and sales quotes to monitor progression.

The customer support and service aspect of vTiger gives your business trouble tickets for inquiries and problems, a knowledge base for frequently asked questions, customer self service for immediate assistance and an online knowledge base for referencing pertinent facts.

Marketing automation includes campaign management, mass mailing, email templates and mail merge templates. Keep on top of all your marketing campaign with vTiger so you can promote your business better.

If you keep track of inventory, inventory management is invaluable with a products catalog, price books, vendor management, purchase orders, sales orders and invoices. Keep procedures streamlined and customers happy with improved inventory management. Well-organized products with prices make shopping a breeze so more people want to buy right away.

Activity management keeps you on top of the day-to-day activities with to dos, meetings and calls, recurring events, activity history, notes, email notifications and a shared calendar. Security management keeps you website more secure and organized with user management, profiles, roles, organization level access control and groups.

Vtiger also provides key reports and dashboard including report folder, key metrics, customizable reports, 20 pre-built reports and 20 pre-built dashboards. Other customization features include custom field with 10 different data object, custom list view, drag and drop modules, pick lists and even currency customization. Vtiger gives your small or medium business the power of a big business without breaking your budget.