Web Design And Crawling Spiders

Web Design And Crawling Spiders

When you start a home business or expand on your current business, an updated website is essential. In today’s fast-paced world, people want instant access and answers though an easily navigable website design. Remember, your website is the way the world views your business.

If nobody knows about your website, it remains lonely and unprofitable online real estate. Spiders bring attention to your website. Crawler-based search engines are referred to as spiders because they actually crawl the Web looking around for content.

Basically, pages on the Internet connect to other pages by using hyperlinks. This is similar to the way people find web pages. Everyone wants to reach the first pages of Google, but how does that work?

If you wanted to find a collection of pages related to a certain topic, you would send an employee to the library to do research. Similarly, Google search engine sends out its GoogleBot, or spiders, to go out and crawl the Web. The GoogleBot follows links from page and page and indexes the content as it goes along. The information gathered by the GoogleBot is stored at the main Google database just like an employee would tuck indexed research away in a binder or file with a corresponding index card.

To find physical research, employees use referenced indexed cards to find locate specific topics. When people do research online, they enter a certain word or phrase into the Google search box. Google quickly scans its internal database to find matches. Pages are displayed that have items related to the word or phrases searched.

When your web design includes SEO content, it is easier for the search engines to crawl. The easier your website it to crawl, the higher ranking it will get in search engine results. When more people know about your business, profits increase.

Your web design should be easy to navigate so visitors want to stay. Much like a physical office or store, people should know where to go when they arrive at your website. If you arrive at a messy store where you can’t find anything, you leave. Likewise, a confusing website sends your visitors away.

To really boost your ranking, add a WordPress blog to your website design. Blogging is a way to frequently update your website so spiders keep crawling your content. A blog also gives you an opportunity to communicate with website visitors and provide useful, updated information.

Links and content should be simple to find. If visitors have to search endlessly for what they want, they will quickly move on to a more navigable website to find it. Using SEO content with related links is a simple, successful website design that sends those high-ranking spiders crawling.