Web Hosting Affiliate Program – Earn 20% Commissions

Web Hosting Affiliate Program – Earn 20% Commissions

Web Hosting AffiliateAffiliate marketing is a revenue sharing arrangement between a website owner and other online merchants who agree to sell particular products or services. Affiliate marketers enjoy significant profits while the website owners do the major work. With the Interactive Online web hosting affiliate program, earn up to $200 per sale.

Both online merchants and affiliate marketers benefit from lucrative affiliate marketing ventures. A website owner simply allows legitimate affiliate marketers to use special links and banners on their websites. When visitors click the links and make a purchase, both the website owner and the affiliate marketer earn profits.


Because it is so easy to get started, affiliate marketing is a rapidly growing online business opportunity. Affiliate marketers simply set up their own websites to promote products or services. Affiliates do not have to ‘create the wheel’, they just have to sell it. When buyers link to make purchases through affiliate links, the affiliate marketer earns money. Many people start affiliate marketing businesses as a part-time enterprise until it becomes a lucrative full-time business.

Without maintaining inventory, an office or a warehouse facility, affiliate marketers get to share in the wealth with successful webpreneurs. The largest issue for affiliate marketers is choosing a reliable, legitimate company to represent. Interactive Online is one of the leading web hosting providers in the world, making it a solid affiliate opportunity for savvy webpreneurs.

It is essential to select a viable product or service as an affiliate marketers. After all, you only earn money when people buy so why not sell something in great demand? Everyday people are starting their own online web businesses and need reliable web hosting. Interactive Online has an outstanding reputation in the industry. As an affiliate, you enjoy the ongoing profits that go along with representing such a quality web hosting company.

As an affiliate for Interactive Online web hosting, you earn a $200 commission with a 90 day cookie/return on our most popular Green Hosting account. As environmental concerns and awareness continue to increase, more savvy business owners want green web hosting. Help improve the environment and earn significant cash by selling reliable Green Hosting accounts.

You also earn 6% recurring on other Interactive Online products and services you sell as an affiliate. Affiliate commissions are paid monthly and you receive unprecedented support along the way to ensure success. The Interactive Online affiliate program is free and easy.

Simply place the Interactive Online links and banners supplied on your website. Visitors will click these banners and links to get to Interactive Online. When they purchase the Green Hosting package, you earn $90. If other services are purchased, you earn 6%. You also earn commission for up to 90 return days for all visitors.

Without any specialized skills or expertise, you can become a web hosting affiliate. It is quick and simple to sign up as an affiliate for Interactive Online. Join now to start earning money from your website today. Offer reliable web hosting services you feel proud of when you participate in the Interactive Online Affiliate Program.