Webamoeba Ticket System

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Webamoeba Ticket System

The Webamoeba Ticket System is a help desk ticket support system component for Joomla!.


Feature list
* User Management
* User Groups
* User Agreement
* Rightes Manager
* Ticket Categories
* Ticket/User Assignement
* CSS Editor
* Database Maintenance
* Highlight new and altered tickets
* Email notification
* BBCode, CMS editor, or plain text editor
* Debug Mode
* Search (seperate plugin)

Available in
* Brazilian
* Czech (new)
* Dutch
* English
* French
* German
* Greek
* Italian
* Portugese
* Russian (new)
* Slovak
* Spanish
* Swedish
* Turkish

You can also create your own translations!

If you are using a version prior to 2.0.8, you should upgrade immediately. The latest release includes a number of security fixes!

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