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Webmap+ Multiple Locations Google Map Component

Webmap+ Multiple Locations Google Map ComponentWebmap+ is a Google Map component for Joomla! that allows you to post multiple locations on one map. Webmap+ allows your customers to select specific business locations where they can view custom highlighted attributes of that location on the map itself or link to a webpage specific to that location. Webmap+ is a great user friendly map tool for your business to incorporate into your website that will help your customers search for addresses, phone numbers and your closest business location.

Front End –
•User friendly
•View all locations on one map
•Users can view information by hovering over the marker or by clicking on it
•Option to “Get Directions” for easy route planning
•Zoom options to get a more detailed view of the map
•Option for “Details” which links the user to that locations page
•Set up for local as well as international searches
•Can use an address and designated radius to find a location
•Includes Google Street View so your customers know where to find you
•Email Contact form on the location page
•Add Wikipedia and Panoramio Google Maps Layers, making the map more interesting and relevant
•Paginate through the locations
•Add HTML links to a location
•Separate search view that allows for the search of location without loading all markers
•Ability to replace Google Street View with Custom Panorama, Image, or other media
•Static Directions from the location to a static end point.

Back End –
•Simple and straight forward for ease of use when editing locations, attributes or markers
•Customize attributes specific to your business (e.g. Repair Services-Yes/No)
•Upload photos quickly
•Direct access to CSS code
•CSV Upload and Download
•Custom Marker Wizard
•Associate locations with a category, allowing easy customization of each location

Get a feel for the front end and back end by checking out the demos on our website.