What is Calypso?


Matt Mullenweg, CEO of Automattic says you will love her!

WordPress – which powers over 60 million websites on the World Wide Web today, including approximately 24 percent of the top 10 million of all websites on the Internet (as of January, 2015; source, WordPress) – is the largest open source website creation and website content management system in the world. A late November announcement by Matt, founder of the web development firm Automattic, which has contributed heavily to WordPress and has created WordPress.com (the hosted version of WordPress), reveals that WordPress is going to become even larger and even more ‘open source’.

Wait, what?

Wondering how a platform that is already open source, can get well, even more open source? Here’s how: Automattic has rewritten WordPress.com, building it on API calls and JavaScript instead of PHP and MySQL. Effective November 23, 2015 the script has been opened to GitHub developers and the source code has been made available to coders under the second version of the GNU General Public License. This more open, open source WordPress.com project has been codenamed Calypso.

So what does the advent of Calypso mean for you?

While it is too soon to put down a final verdict, we cannot but smile at the new changes, because it is safe to assume that the changes created by Calypso will be positive for end users of WordPress.com. For one, it will shift the platform away from its current HTML website-type of layout. For another, it will improve mobile-friendliness.

According to the Matt’s official announcement, Calypso and the new WordPress.com will:

• Sport a cleaner, more modern interface that includes capabilities for in-page gallery previews and instant publishing (on all three devices – desktop, mobile, and tablet).

• Support full mobile web, with a range of matching native mobile apps as well.

• Load multiple pages faster, almost instantly.

• Update and implement changes in real time so that pages can reflect updates without the need to be reloaded.

• Allow you to manage multiple WordPress and WordPress.com websites using a single dashboard present on a single URL.

• Allow you to follow other WordPress websites and engage with them using their WordPress Discover or Reader.

The fact that Calypso is driven by API hints at the prospect of several high-functioning API-based extensions in the future. The Automattic founder is also expected to roll out further WordPress updates