What is Cloudflare?


What is Cloudflare?

CloudFlare is developed for securing and accelerating any website. The system typically works like a CDN (Content Delivery Network). However, it is designed to be considerably easier to configure and setup.

How CloudFlare Works

To explain how CloudFlare’s system works, consider the example of a website which is running a server having as its IP address. Before getting CloudFlare, if anyone types the domain of your site into the browser, the very first thing their computer would be doing is sending a query to the Content Delivery Network and getting back the IP address of the web server.

To make this system easier to set up, you need to take advantage of how such basic functions of the World Wide Web do their work. Instead of having to change codes, install software, or add hardware, all you need to do is designate multiple CloudFlare name servers as authoritative name servers for the domain you have. You can make this amendment with the registrar through which you purchased your domain (which is WordPress in this regard).

The Acceleration of Your Website Traffic

Once you have designated CloudFlare as the authoritative name servers, you won’t see any noticeable difference in your website. The hosting provider you have will remain as is, and the registrar you have will remain unchanged. However, since CloudFlare becomes the authoritative name server, it can start accelerating and cleaning your website traffic.

The Anycast Technology

In order to accelerate web traffic, CloudFlare uses a technology for network routing named as “Anycast”. Through this technology, CloudFlare routes initial DNS look ups for the domain to any CloudFlare data center which is closest to a visitor. CloudFlare has data centers all across the globe, and they’re only growing on a monthly basis. Any data center which receives this request provides an answer. The answer is an IP address which can direct all the subsequent requests of the visitor to the most suitable data center for them.

The Final Word

Anyone can use CloudFlare as long as they have a website as well as their very own domain; it doesn’t matter which platform you may have. From the beginning to the end, setup only takes about 5 minutes. Adding a site only requires a simple adjustment in the DNS settings of your domain. You don’t require installing or maintaining any software or hardware, plus, there’s no need to alter the existing code of your site. And if you’re ever unhappy with CloudFlare, you can always turn it off as conveniently as you switched it on. The core services of CloudFlare are free and enhanced services are also available for sites that require additional features such as SSL or real time reporting.