What Is Commission Junction?

What Is Commission Junction?

http://www.yac.com/images/newSite1005/logo_CJ.jpgCommission Junction offers new and seasoned affiliate marketers a profitable resource to ensure success. In affiliate marketing, advertising links from various companies are displayed on your website. When someone clicks a link on your website and takes a specific action, you are rewarded with share of the profits. Commission Junction represents a variety of advertisers in their network, making it easy to find viable affiliate marketing opportunities.

Affiliate marketing is pay-for-performance, which means you only get paid when someone performs certain actions such as purchasing products and services or filling out a form. Companies only pay affiliate marketers for successfully finding leads that result or might result in a sale. For this reason, you want to represent companies offering products and services people really want to ensure profitability.

Advertisers in the Commission Junction Network place their ad links on the interface. These links are available to web publishers such as yourself. The links are each assigned a fixed commission amount, which can also be a percentage. Turn the traffic to your website or blog into profits by displaying Commission Junction links on your site.

The application process for Commission Junction is quick,simple and free. Once you join, you can access to these ad links. You apply to join a certain advertiser’s program and upon acceptance, place their links on your websites and in email campaigns. When interested parties click through your links and take action, you get paid.

Consumer clicks are identified by a cookie set on the visitor’s browser. The cookie identifies the advertiser, you as the publisher, the link itself and payment rates. If a visitor fills out a form or makes a purchase, the transaction gets recorded and tracked by Commission Junction. Processing and collection are done by Commission Junction to ensure your paid in a timely manner. Commission Junction also acts ad an administrator to verify quality leads and sales were generated for the advertiser.

For over ten years, Commission Junction has made the process of affiliate marketing more streamlined and accessible. Commission Junction was founded in 1998 to offer online advertising channels of managed search and affiliate marketing. Both advertisers and web publishers enjoy performance based solutions in an interactive global environment. Today Commission Junction is a ValueClick company with its main office in Santa Barbara, California and other offices around the globe.

In 2001, Commission Junction enhanced their service to include published results of the performance metrics of ads, advertisers and publishers in the network. Everyone has a way to gauge the value of current and potential business relationships with these useful metrics that include average earnings per 100 clicks and overall network earnings.

Getting involved with renegade affiliate marketing opportunities can leave a webpreneur broke and frustrated. Commission Junction screen affiliate marketing situations for their viability and profitability with updated results. They provide superior customer service and accurate tracking to ensure you get paid for your affiliate marketing endeavors. With Commission Junction, you can become a successful affiliate marketer in less time than you thought possible.