What is Installatron?

What is Installatron

What is Installatron?

Installatron is the name of an auto-installer plugin for the cPanel and DirectAdmin, as well as Plesk Reloaded server control panels. Once it is installed on a Plesk/cPanel/DirectAdmin server, the users have the ability to manage, upgrade, and install a wide range of web scripts with simply a single click.

Installatron can further be used for installing scripts from shell/CLI, enabling newly developed hosting accounts to become pre-populated with the software. One can also develop their own installers or customize the existing installers.

So in essence, Installatron is a tool inside cPanel which enables you to install and manage hundreds of popular apps such as WordPress, Drupal & Joomla. Installatron basically enables the installation of all of such applications at the mere click of the mouse. Apart from that, Installatron further enables you to clone, move, import, and backup your applications from another server with only a single click.

Some of the other popular apps which can be imported, cloned, or installed with this tool include Magento, MODx, phpBB, Zen Cart and plenty more.

How Can You Install Installatron?

On DirectAdmin Server

First of all, you have to increase the timeout value of the DirectAdmin server. For this, you have to log in to the DirectAdmin through an admin account and then go to Administrator Settings (it can be found in the Admin Level area). Change the Seconds (Timeout) value to “300”.

Now, proceed with the installation of Installatron. For this, go back to the Admin Level area in DirectAdmin, and go to the Plugin Manager option. In the URL field, you have to paste the following: http://www.installatron.com/iTron.tar.gz

Enter the DirectAdmin password and then click the option for “Add Plugin”. The whole process of installation might take some time. Don’t click the “Add Plugin” option again. Once Installatron is installed, it will be ready to use!

You will also come across the “Installatron Admin” option which will be added to the DirectAdmin Reseller Level and Admin Level area. You will also see the “Installatron” option added to all the User Level sections.

On cPanel Server

Enable API and Disable IXED. Also disable the cPanel’s IXED loaders while enabling the plugin API. For this, you have to go to Server Configuration in the WHM and then press “Tweak Settings”. At the “Software” area, you need to set the option for “Loader to use…” to None. After that, at the “System” area, enable “Allow admin and cPanel binaries to run from any other apps” and then save.

Next up, you will have to install Installatron and for that, you will need to run the following commands as ROOT:

“wget http://files.installatron.com/cp_installer.sh
chmod 755 cp_installer.sh

After this, Installatron will be all set to use. You will find the tool for Installatron at the primary tool list in the cPanel.