What Is Joomla Hosting?

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What Is Joomla Hosting?

Joomla is a web content management system that can be used by non-technical people to frequently update their websites. Instead of hiring an expensive web designer, website owners can manage their own content and make changes easily with the Joomla content management system. Reliable Joomla hosting supports your website so visitors can rely on 24 hour access, 7 days week.

Joomla hosting has its own specific terminology, too. As you consider Joomla hosting for your website, review these commonly used terms so you understand everything better.

Categories –  these are containers the holding one or more content items to organize content so you can find it more easily.

Content – this includes the pictures and text that make up your website as opposed to display characteristics such as positioning, fonts, borders and colors. The template governs the display characteristics so you all you need be concerned about is organizing your content in a rational manner.

Content item – content items are the lowest layer of the tiers organizing your website content. A content item is an individual article. Content items can be broken into to parts called the intro and main portions of text. On a blog, content intros can be displayed with the options to click and read the full entry.

Component – an add-on to Joomla, these are a collection of files that can be installed providing extra features that don’t come with the basic installation. Typically access is gained through the Joomla components menu in Joomla Administrator.

Mambot/Plugin – small program executed right away before content items are displayed. This allows you to include images in your content or restrict the visibility of content based on the user’s access level.

Module – a section or window of the screen that presents content on the front end of your website with Joomla hosting. Some are position around the edge of screen and other in the center, such as a search box.

Plugin – From Joomla 1.5 online, mambots are called plugins. Another name for mambots are mosbots.

Section – the top level of tiers to organizes content by displaying one or more categories.

Template – a template usually has the file index.php that defines the layout of all the Joomla hosted web pages with a cascading style sheet to define the proper formatting. Different menu options make it easy to create a different look when you choose Joomla hosting.

Joomla templates offer the basic foundation you need to build a powerful interactive website. Because of the fluid layout, you have control over the page width and can add columns and spacing. With cascading style sheets, the template code is easier to validate. Joomla hosting makes it a breezse to create and maintain your own dynamic, creative website. The ability to constantly update web content with ease makes your Joomla website perform well in search engines.

Dependable Joomla hosting offers the flexibility and ease you need. Maintain your websites without spending endless hours figuring out codes or spending serious dollars on web designers.