What Is Kunena?

What Is Kunena?

What is Kunena? Kunena is a forum component for Joomla. Integrating a forum into Joomla has been possible but never as easy. Kunena is engineered from the ground up to take full advantage of what Joomla has to offer. The name Kunena is translated from Swahili and means, “to speak”. It is born from the former Fireboard forum with new and previous developers that include several Joomla core developers.

Open Source developers create Kunena for Joomla to contribute to the online community. Fireboard was becoming more closed to the public with locked forums. Kunena encourages communication between developers and the online community.

The original plan was not to create a legacy fork of the popular component. Rather, developers realized a need for the community to be able to communicate effectively about bug fixes, ongoing issues and development for the future. The new project eventually became known as Kunena because it sounded catchy and stood for speaking up. It was also an easy domain name to register.

Kunena was just released at the beginning of 2009 and already experienced several evolutions. Basically, Kunena is the foundation for the open source implementation of a native Joomla forum component. Version 1.0 was the first released, with 1.1 released less than month later. Kunena version 1.5 is Joomla 1.5 native and lays the foundation for 2.0, which is Joomla 1.6 native.

The Kunena developers are also open minded to the needs of the community. They encourage support to help in fixing what is broken, testing new lines of code and supporting the community further with great templates and outstanding documentation. The effective development of Kunena is a huge step for the Joomla hosting community and interactive social forums.

Kunena version 1.0 is fully compatible with all the prior versions of Fireboard. Upgrades for this version of Kunena are automatic so you never have to worry about being outdated. It’s quite simple to change from Fireboard over to Kunena. Just uninstall Fireboard, update your menu links and then you’re ready to get started with Kunena. Currently Kunena version 1.0.8 is stable and running on thousands of websites around the world.

Kunena recommends a CPanel Hosting platform that matches or exceeds the minimum system requirements for maximum performance. Ensuring your website is hosted on the proper type of platform helps to avoid complications that could occur during installation or an upgrade. It is also a good policy to always have a backup just in case so your valuable data is saved.

Users appreciate the simplistic power of Kunena. Communication management is streamlined without being complex. Because Kunena was created by some of the most seasoned software developers, users enjoy high performance with top notch architecture for the best integrated forums around. Since Kunena is worked on by the Joomla team, an impressive list of features is already in development with a bright future ahead for users. Reliable Shared Hosting brings your Joomla website to the next level with attractive, interactive forums to communicate with customers and engage visitors. Feel the power and performance of a website fueled by Kunena.