What Is Lightbox Photo?

What Is Lightbox Photo?

photo gallery softwareColorful, pinpoint photos are a valuable website commodity especially if you are a photographer or artist. Lightbox Photo allows you to display your photos and sell your work online without all the confusion… at an afforable price. Lightbox Photo Gallery Software is the perfect way for photographers and artisans to display their work for profit.

In days gone by, commissions were paid to third party providers when photographers and artists wanted to sell their work online. With Lightbox Photo, you can stop paying these commission and make all the profits for your own hard work. Create a stock photo library or an online proofing system with ease.

Lightbox Photo Gallery software combines PHP and MySQL to provide an incredibly fast and highly scalable soluthostion for your artistic needs. The software is cross platform so it’s Mac, Windows and Linus compatible. Since 2003, Lighthouse Photo has helped photographers and artists achieve greater success and earnings.

Lightbox Photo makes it possible to do a variety of useful tasks with your photos and artwork. An online gallery maker and digital asset manager gives you endless possibilities. Generate watermark images or thumbnails from your photos. Users appreciate a dynamic registration system. Images are easily viewed in a slideshow to make selection a breeze. Rights Managed pricing calculator is a streamlined way to appreciate profits from your creative endeavors.

Your visitors can search for what they want with advanced search features. Creative works are displayed in a variety of media format including images, audio, video and XMP which can be instantly downloaded. A shopping cart with secure online payments make turns visitors to your website into customers.

With Lighthbox Photo, the software can be used right out of the box as a website or you can integrate the technology into your current website. A web based administrative control panel makes it easy to create your own photo gallery website showcasing your creative works for sale. With this innovative software, you are an independent entity. Get into business for yourself right away without paying commissions for something you can do on your own with Lighthouse Photo.


This dynamic software offers an array of other features to make ecommerce a cinch. Media can be uploaded from your cell phone. If you want to know about orders right away, you can receive notification to your cell phone. A multi-language selector makes it possible to communicate with people in their own words. Customers can purchase media using credits or opt for product subscriptions or product packages.

With Lighthouse Photo, you also enjoy greater security and support. The VAX tax system support is a perfect way to keep track. A blacklisted IP manager provides optimum security online. Galleries are password protected so they cannot be accessed without the proper assigned password.

If you are a photographer or artist, it’s time to stop paying commissions and start earning the most for your creations. Scalable Lighthouse Photo Hosting gives your website the advantage!

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