What Is MySQL?

What Is MySQL?

As more innovators come to the forefront to help you have the most interactive website possible, MySQL is becoming a popular word. What exactly is MySQL and why should you have it for your business website?

MySQL has quickly become the most popular open source database in the world. With MySQL hosting you have consistent fast performance, ease of use and a high level of reliability. Your MySQL website can be used on every continent including Antarctica.

Some of the most powerful, high volume websites on the Internet today are fueled by MySQL hosting. Industry leaders such as Google, Yahoo!, YouTube and Nokia depend on the MySQL database for their critical business systems. With so many industry giants choosing MySQL, it is clearly a viable option for your growing online business.

The flexibility of MySQL is unsurpassed because it runs on more than 20 platforms including Windows, Linux, Netware, OS/X and many others. The database is user-friendly for both newbies and experienced developers with a full range of certified software, training and support for total success online. No matter what you want from your website, MySQL makes it simpler to achieve.

MySQL Enterprise is a comprehensive offering including production support, monitoring tools and database software. Experience optimum performance with security, reliability and maximum uptime so your visitors feel completely comfortable to do business with your website anytime of the day or night with no down time or security issues.

With a monitoring system, your MySQL servers are continuously monitored with alerts to potential problems before the system becomes seriously impacted. This makes it possible to quickly eliminate security vulnerabilities and optimize performance to improve overall productivity. Having such monitoring tools offers real-time performance to instantly troubleshoot and balance workloads to more effectively predict future resource needs. You can prevent issues before they become costly outages to offer maximum website performance for your valued customers.

The MySQL Workbench makes it easy for a developer to virtually design, generate and manage all types of databases. All the necessities are includes for a data modeler to effective create complex ER models. Key features make it simpler to change management and documentation tasks that regularly consume a great deal of effort and time.

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My SQL Cluster is a real time open source transactional database for fast access to data. MySQL provides 99.999 percent data availability with no point of failure. Applications recover quickly and response times are mere milliseconds. This robust Cluster can handle tens of thousands of distributed transactions per second. It is instantly responsive, durable, scalable, easily maintained with open flexibility.

MySQL Embedded Server is a low cost, full featured option with zero administration. Products reach the market quickly and competitively while lowering the cost of goods sold. High performance, scalability and reliability meets the requirements of demanding applications. Installation, configuration and integration are done with total ease-of-use.

With MySQL, your website will be as reliable, flexible and interactive as the online giants. Get into the competitive online mix with MySQL resources.