What Is phpBB Hosting?

What Is phpBB Hosting?

Reliable phpBB hosting gives you the ability to easily put up a forum for your business. Use phpBB hosting to create your own simple forum for ongoing communication. As more people discover the informational and social value of forums, businesses are scrambling to create their own online gathering places.

Written in PHP scripting language, phpBB is the most popular Internet forum systems in use today. New users and technically advanced users both find system is easy to use and efficient. It is powerful enough to support forum users and simple to work with from the administration panel. Create categories, grant permissions, open an unlimited number of forums and add fun features such as smilies, word sensors, polls and mass emailing.

You can also modify any part of a PHP script because it is not encoded like certain other hosting scripts. Customize, expand and edit your forum with ease using reliable phpBB hosting. Consider some of the features offered by phpBB hosting:

  • Large forum hosts will appreciate multiple databases so they are not forced to use a single server but can use multiple dedicated sql servers.

  • Users can write their own plugins with the powerful phpBB hosting panel with modular controls.

  • Select custom domains and subdomains so users remain unaware of certain forums hosted by your business.

  • Mass emailing to administrators about hosted forums.

  • A variety of features to ward off spam.

  • A customizable registration form with visual confirmation. Filtering of forum names ensure a instant ban on visitors trying to use a censored word. Several settings block unwanted spam anf flood attempts.

  • Validation email sent to new registered forum users.

  • Deletion of inactive registrations after a period of time designed by you.

These are just a few of the features offered by phpBB hosting. You can have multiple forums up and running in less time than you think. There are even content and SEO features to ensure your forum gets noticed by the search engines.

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Forums are the wave of the future. Businesses recognize the value of having a place to communicate with visitors in an informal manner. Your business can post updates about new products, services or industry news on the forum. People can ask questions and discuss their experience with each other on the forum. This will bring more traffic to your website and your business offerings.

Forums are also an excellent way to gauge your current business progress. By reading your visitors’ posts, you get valuable feedback and ideas for the future. Using this information can mean greater success for your business. Post questions and concepts on your forum and request feedback. Your visitors will know your forum is active and worth their participation because their opinions are important. This builds trust and loyalty for your business.

With reliable phpBB hosting you can create your own forums in less time than you imagined so you can start communicating with your visitors. Get more people talking about your business with your own interactive online forums.