What is TypePad?

What is TypePad?

Typepad HostingEveryone is looking for a workable platform for their blog to provide updates to visitors on a regular basis. Six Apart Ltd launched the TypePad blogging service in October, 2003. While it is based on the Movable Type platform and shares its technology, all you need is basic technical knowledge to work in TypePad. This blogging service is available in several languages and countries worldwide.

If you choose TypePad, you’re in good company. Many major media companies and organizations host their blog on TypePad including the BBC, ABC, Sky News, MSNBC and the CBC. Leaders choose TypePad for its useful features include Movable Type APIs and templates, moblogging, photo albums and multiple author support.

TypePad has an intuitive interface to make blogging a breeze. Even if you don’t have much technology savvy, you can be working on a live blog in just minutes. Advanced users appreciate the ease of use to get going in less time than they thought possible. You also have total control over your own blog with excellent management tools. Moderate comments, customize the blog design, choose whether you want to display ads and personalize your blog completely.

The blogging process is simple. Within moments, you can add updated content to get your website noticed on the search engines. Pictures are simple to include and links are quick to incorporate to add extra value to your blog.

Search engine optimization is essential to get noticed on the Internet. How will people even know your blog exists? TypePad blogs are SEO friendly with valuable services including search-engine friendly URLs, Google Site Maps and the Six Apart Atom stream used by major search engines including Google. Your content is easier to find on a TypePad blog.

While there are free blogging platforms, there is a definite benefit to choosing a paid service such as TypePad. Unlike free services, you enjoy absolutely no advertising spam on your blog. If you decide to display advertising, it is because you want to rather than a mandatory requirement to maintain a free blog. Instead of focusing in advertisers, TypePad has more time to be innovative and offer the best possible blogging service.

TypePad blogs have a professional, attractive appearance because skilled graphic designers created the design templates. Set up a creative, sharp blog without spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars to have it designed. TypePad allows you to customize the templates in any possible way or even code your own. TypePad also include mobile support with iPod Touch and iPhone as well as social integration with Facebook.

Comment control and spam prevention keep your blog content safe so you don’t have to worry about unwanted spammers. The backend technology supports your blog regardless of whether you have one follower or one million readers.

Another reason to consider using the TypePad blogging service is the constant customer service. Support is available every day of the year so you get answers when you need them. With a Knowledge Base and online help system, there are always ways to find what you want.