What is TYPO3?

What is TYPO3?

TYPO3 is a content management framework offering a complete set of standard modules along with high performance architecture. With TYPO3, you enjoy operation right of the box with an endless variety of custom extension and solutions.

Effective content management means the highest quality, updated content appears on your website. When you have fresh, valuable content, you attract more quality visitors within your target market. TYPO-3 offers every kind of resource to make your website the best it can be.

Because TYPO3 is user-friendly, authors appreciate an intuitive tool. Content editors effortlessly produce and maintain frequently updated web pages. With just a few mouse clicks, authors have access to very sophisticated functions to create attractive web pages.

Everyone has the ability to participate in customer relations and web communications with TYPO3. The TYPO 3 comprehensive toolbox provides integration of multimedia content types with dynamic image generation and manipulation. Collaboration and shared authoring are a breezes with the standard work flow communication system and internal messaging.

As a website administrator, TYPO3 gives you the ability to customize user permissions. Detail your system to edit work flows and implement professional content creation. Because the application is platform-independent and server-side, you can use it with almost every type of browser. No matter where you are, TYPO3 is functional and accessible.

Administrators have the ability to give as much of little control to groups and content editors as required. A host of security features give administrators options including backend and frontend user authentication, alerts for successful and failed logins and the ability to disable user accounts and change passwords. As an administrator, you can even set up a section within the system to test new features so you don’t disturb your main website.

Design options are unlimited so web developers appreciate separation of content and design. This means site redesigns are easy to accommodate. Update your website design without endless hassles with TYPO3 open source software published under the GPL.

Working on content within the TYPO3 environment is as simple as working within Microsoft Word. Without any specialized training, users can add and edit content in any environment. Spellchecker is built into the Rich Text Editor to help eliminate errors along the way. Because of an unlimited history, any change made on the site can be undone.

Users enjoy a variety of communication options at your website with TYPO3 features. Your website visitors have the ability to contribute news, pages, forums and guestbooks to further enrich their experience. Online surveys can be generated for anonymous and frontend users. You can even feature online tests with unlimited questions and answers. These interactive features makes visitors want to return to your website because it offers increased value to them. This also means more traffic and profits for you.

Virtually any external data source is usable with TYPO3, which is achieved through PHP. Supported browsers include Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape, Mac, Unix and Konqueror on Windows for total flexibility.

The versatility and simplicity of using TYPO3 Hosting gives your website multiple advantages in a competitive, constantly changing online environment.

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