What is WordPress?


WordPress is one of the best content management systems around. Its strength lies in the fact that it allows people with limited technical and programming knowledge to maintain professional websites. It uses a collection of powerful tools and user intuitive interfaces to make updating and editing websites an easy task. Once your website is setup on WordPress you will not need technical help to update it, you can easily create new pages full of dynamic media and allow your team to collaborate on the work as well.

Making Your Life Easier

Sometimes a product or service comes to the forefront because it fulfills a need in the best way possible. Recently we saw this with Uber; it wouldn’t be possible without a smartphone in every hand and internet on every smartphone. WordPress too was born when during the inception of how websites worked completely changing. Previously, creating a website worked much differently. If a company wanted to launch a website they would contact a web development company. The website would be created by the developers and would then be given over to the company. It would be used unedited for years.

Understanding WordPress

The changing internet landscape ensured this wouldn’t be acceptable anymore. Social media and SEO have made blogs and updated websites a necessity. Your website isn’t a static page anymore; it’s designed to bring more traffic and participation in order to generate sales leads. What this meant was that websites would need to be constantly updated. This cannot be done if the website can only be updated by web developers. Can you imagine having to contact a web development company every time you wanted to upload a new blog post? It would be slow and cumbersome. Thus websites needed to be editable by someone without website design skills.

This is what WordPress does. It doesn’t eliminate the need for a webmaster or web developers but it allows other people to do non-technical tasks. This is the reason it is so successful; if you want to do something non-technical like adding a new page or writing a blog post, you shouldn’t need technical knowledge for that. The design and development are still left to the professionals but the easy work can be done by just about anyone.

WordPress Empowers

WordPress allows people with basic knowledge of computers to edit a website. It does this by providing an easy to use interface for changing and adding content. There is a section for blog posts in which all you have to do is copy text and paste from Microsoft Word. You can also type in the content directly inside the WordPress interface and use features you are used to for text editing. It allows media uploading with a single click. It allows you to change the placement, menus, colors and more all without having to do any coding.

Add Features with Plugins

Plugins provide WordPress with even more functionality. Installing plugins is extremely easy; you simply browse a gallery from within the WordPress control center and press the “Install” button on the plugin you want to use. It gets automatically integrated into your website. There are plugins which provide simple functionality like Google Maps and social media, to plugins which provide complex and comprehensive functionality like database management.


WordPress has succeeded because it provides companies the power of control over their web presence. With WordPress you only need professionals to design and create the website. After that you will need a webmaster for maintaining security, everything else you will be able to do on your own.

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