Why Choose WordPress Over Other Blogging Platforms?

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Why Choose WordPress Over Other Blogging Platforms?

For bloggers who have just begun, deciding which blogging platform to choose is among the most confusing decisions they need to make. Generally, bloggers have these three choices to opt from, namely: Tumblr, Blogger, and WordPress.

When it comes to developing a highly professional blog, the most superb choice is undoubtedly the WordPress blogging platform. Unlike all others, there are several things that standout about a self-hosted WordPress blog. Some of these are discussed below:

1. Control over your blog

This is a big reason as to why a self hosted blog on WordPress is a superior choice. For example, Google owns Blogger, and this means that it can delete an account on Blogger without giving any prior warnings to the user. Even if the custom domain feature is being used, it is still more likely that a site on Blogger may get reported as spam or flagged. Google can also remove a blog. Many of the bloggers have faced this issue and it is avoidable simply if you turn to a self hosted setup on WordPress.

2. Search engine optimization

Traffic is essential for each blogger, whether the site they have is hosted or not. In other words, SEO is the optimization of a blog for search engines and to get traffic from the search engines. Most of the SEO options are provided by WordPress as it doesn’t limit the users to any particular settings.

3. Plugins and support

The fantastic thing about the WordPress blogging platform is that it has plenty of features and plugins along with a strong support community. On all other blogging platforms, features such as these require being added and bloggers mostly have to edit their theme to show the related posts. With WordPress, things are considerably easier as simple plugins are available for everything that might be required. Anything is achievable through the use of plugins which are available on WordPress. What’s more, custom mode can also be obtained from the support forum on WordPress.

4. Theme and templates

There are undoubtedly several templates offered by other blogging platforms. However, the choices of free and premium themes on WordPress are almost unlimited due to the commercial nature of this blogging platform. Furthermore, as WordPress bloggers have FTP access, the whole look and feel of any WordPress theme can also be altered.

5. AdSense

All those bloggers who want to earn money through their blog essentially turn to AdSense. Initially, the most suitable way of getting an AdSense account approved was to create a blog on Blogger. However, nowadays, bloggers seem to find it hard to get their  account approved through a blog on Blogger. On the contrary, one more advantage of a self hosted blog on WordPress is that it is considerably easier to get an AdSense account approved.