Why It’s Best to Choose Professional Web Hosting for Your Business

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Why It’s Best to Choose Professional Web Hosting for Your Business

With a choice of so many web hosting services, including free ones, it can be confusing to decide what kind of hosting service you need for your website. Should you host it on your own server, should you use a free service, or do you need the help of a web hosting company?

Here are some reasons to choose professional web hosting instead of free or cheap hosting services.


Tech savvy website owners might toy with the idea of owning their own server and running it out of their home or office. Unless you are a full-fledged business with lots of money to invest, this is not a good idea. For one thing, servers don’t come cheap. You’ll need to factor in the cost of upgrades and adding more space as your business grows. You’ll also need to know how to manage the server and keep it secure. By using a professional web hosting service, you simply request more storage and they’ll bill you for the upgrade. In the long run, this makes a web hosting service more cost effective than if you tried setting up your own server.

Free up time to focus on your client

Besides the expense of running a server yourself, you will have the added hassle of installation and maintenance. As a business owner your focus needs to be on your client. With a web hosting company taking care of the day-to-day operation of hosting, you can work on web design, the user experience, your core services offering and more.

Support you can bank on

Free web hosting services are not really free. Promises of 99.9% uptime are empty unless they are backed by proper redundancy plans. Website downtime translates to lost traffic and could potentially cost you both sales and your reputation. Interrupted or dropped service could cause new visitors to choose your competitors. Don’t make it difficult for your customers to trust you. By working with a professional web hosting company you are assured access and support when you need it. Troubleshooting becomes simpler when you have the expertise of trained professionals.

Assured business continuity

The trouble with free web hosting services is they could close down business overnight and leave you in the cold. Because they are not bound to you by any formal agreements, you may find yourself in the deep end without a life saver. Even with a warning, like the one Yahoo Geocities gave their users in 2009 before they closed down, the responsibility was still on you, as the website owner, to backup all your data and content and switch to another provider.


With major outages, poor service and non-responsive customer support, free and cheap web hosting providers are something serious business owners should steer clear from. Deciding on hosting your websites with a professional web hosting provider will save business owners from many headaches in the future.