Why You Should Not Consider Free Hosting

Why You Should Not Consider Free Hosting

If you are new to hosting, you should consider using free hosting to learn the basics. Hosting accounts will always come with a control panel, and it can sometimes take a while to understand all the terms and functions in the system. So, if you open a free hosting account, it will be good to learn how hosting works. If you plan on hosting a hobby website that is not so important for you, you could choose free hosting. However, if you have a professional website or business website, free hosting should not even be considered. In this article, we will outline some of the reasons why you should not consider free hosting.

When you are going through the beginning steps of opening a free hosting account, you will be shown some of the plans they offer. Some of the hosting companies will only offer one free hosting solution. In many cases, their set space and bandwidth will be extremely limited. Usually, space is around 100MB and bandwidth will be around 1000MB. This is not enough for many sites, due to image files and certain HTML files. The more people who have coming to your website, the more bandwidth it will consume. Business websites need more space because they will require emails, databases and online storing abilities. Since you are on free hosting, the server would not be very secure. The company makes no money from you to pay for a quality secure server, so they only provide you with a certain amount of resources. Free hosting companies will not provide daily backups or customer support. Your website will be only hosted by them; the rest is up to you. If your website goes offline, you can only wait until someone from the company fixes the issue.

There is no sense of reliability or dependability from free hosting companies. If you consult their terms of service documents, they will outline the fact that they are not responsible for any data loses or server outages. This is a major turn off, especially if you are planning on hosting a professional website. It gives your clients a bad impression of your business. A business website should be hosted by a secure server run by a quality hosting company. Some free hosting companies do not allow their clients to host their own domains. So you will be required to choose a free sub domain under the company domain. Often times the domain will look like so; yourusername.hostingcompany.com or www.hostingcompany.com/username. As mentioned earlier, your hosting company is not charging you any money for their services. The way they generate revenue is from those banner ads that display on your site. When your website gets published, the company will automatically add in the banners to your site. It makes your website a mess in the end. After knowing all this, you should make a good decision about whether you want to choose free hosting or not. Best of luck!


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