WISroGIS 1.10 Joomla mapping

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WISroGIS 1.10 Joomla mapping

WISroGIS 1.10 Joomla mappingWISroGIS is the only component for GIS-to-Joomla map creation and publishing; it is designed to be installed as a plugin/mambot for quick map integration in Joomla 1.0/1.5.
ver.1.10 – July 2008:
* updated engine to OpenLayers latest release(2.8)
* New: auto-loads geovisitors KML layer, if the plugin (external) is installed – see the demo at [http://www.wis.ro/index.php/WISroGIS/Displaying-visitors-geo-locations-from-IP-addresses.html ]
ver.1.9 – June 2008:
* Improved GPX support, including information display from tracks, routes and waypoints
* Configurable on click/on mouse hover bubble display
ver.1.8 – May, 2008:
* GPX overlay loading (routes,tracks, waypoints)
* Google Map 3D
* Revised German and Italian interface translations
* multi-language support for Weather extension – automatically loads the multilingual Weather KML layer from WISroGIS weather plugin, with day/night icons display according to local time for selected locations, completed with improved look and icons – see the live weather demo at
ver.1.7 – March, 2008
* Multilingual interface (English, French, German, Spanish) based on site’s language – JoomFish compatible, allowing the creation of multilingual maps
* Dynamic IP positioning based on visitors address and geo-coordinates supplied by api.hostip.info
* Optional display IP location marker
* Optional go-to-my-IP-location button
* Test static IP address
* Configurable map border color
* Configurable route color and line

ver.1.6 – February 2008
Using these options one can replace the existing Google Map with a fully integrated custom map solution within SOBI2 component (directory/category dynamic map generation with corresponding icons and map layers.

See now the details about fully automated SOBI2 map solution:

Embeded extension for display of SOBI2 entries:
* full directory listing
* individual category listing
* individual entries listing
The following inline parameters are available for the SOBI2 extension: * sobi2_task=’directory/categoryitem’;
* sobi2_id=’ID’; the ID referrs to category_id (if used with sobi2_task=’category’); item_id (if used with sobi2_task=’item’); sobi2_subcategories; can be 0 or 1 (if equals 1, then for the specified category_id its corresponding sub-categories will also be listed as layers on the map).

Each of the options can be used to publish on the map information stored using the SOBI2 component, as in the following plugin code example: {WISroGIS sobi2_task=’category’|sobi2_id=’1’|sobi2_subcategories=’1′ ~}

ver.1.5 – January 2008
* Supports extensions for additional tasks (e.g. SOBI2 custom dynamic map integration for categories, details and search)
* Permalink