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Xmap – Site Building For Joomla

Xmap is a simple site map generator component made for Joomla 1.5. Many users reported several bugs with Joomap. Xmap makes it easy to create a map of your website using the structure of your menus. This efficient component adds new and powerful options to Joomap to make your site more navigable and user-friendly.

The sign of a well-designed website is the existence of a site map. A site map is a complete map of your website. Your site needs a site map to achieve a higher ranking position on the search engines. These search systems give sites with a site navigation map a higher rank. Without a site map, you are missing the opportunity to improve your search engine rankings. More traffic means an increased number of visitors for additional profits.

Your site map should be a complete catalog of all the sections contained in your site. Each section should have a short description. It should make quick searches easy so visitors can find essential information immediately by moving through site links. Site maps also contain fundamental keywords to boost search engine rankings.

Xmap is ideal for both large and small websites. With a cache system, Xmap allows the quickest possible site map generation. This is ideal for large or high traffic websites. The feature can also be enabled or disabled independently for each site map generated.

With Xmap you can create more than one site map with different preferences for total flexibility. An AJAX based interface on the backend means web applications can retrieve data from the server in the background without interfering with the behavior or display of an existing page.

Completely customize your menus with Xmap. Exclude any item you choose from your site map directly from the frontend in a hassle-free environment. If you want to reduce your bandwidth requirements, you have the option to compress the XML site map.

Presentation is never a problem with Xmap. Enjoy noticeably improved presentation of the XML sitemap on browsers with Xmap. Completely personalize your site maps because you can specify the priority and change frequency parameters for each menu and for every item in your site map. You can also change the priority and frequency for each item in your site map.

Track traffic and interest levels with statistical information shown for each sitemap. View the last visit date, number of links generated on the last visit and the number of visits. This valuable information can be used to guide content, website redesign, marketing efforts and more. Each extension can be customized for even greater control.

Another major benefit of using Xmap is the availability of multiple plugins. Get even more from your website with plugins such as DOCman, Fireboard, MyBlog, Zoom, RSG, SMF SOB12, Hot Property and others. Additionally, Joomap users report several bug fixes through Xmap.

Take the mystery out of adding a site map to your website with Xmap. With less time and effort than you imagined, you’ll generate an interactive site map to make your website more navigable and findable.

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