Xpoze – Stock Photo Hosting

Xpoze – Stock Photo Hosting

xpozeAs people use the Internet for more of their needs, stock photo websites rapidly gain popularity. With Xpoze, you have access to the most comprehensive stock photo script available. Xpoze conducted extensive market analysis to deliver all the features users want from a stock photo script.

With Xpoze, you have a powerful tool that gives you the ability to completely customize your application. It took more than a year for Xpoze to develop these tools to offer you a completely usable application with a full range of features that can be used on Windows or Linux server.

Xpoze makes it easy to showcase and sell photos online. Multiple download sizes and extended licenses give users a variety of options. A shopping basket is a convenient way to keep track of photo purchases. Each user has a search history and the ability to find top ranked images. Entire image groups can be sold as a collection.

The ability to have unlimited images, unlimited vectors, unlimited categories and sub-categories and unlimited keywords makes websites with Xpoze hosting completely user-friendly. The organized environment makes it easier than ever to compile outstanding photos. Site statistics and user account statistics help you to keep track of photo sales and popularity. Users can also post photo reviews and rate their favorites. Photos are directly downloaded or transmitted through a link or file in an email.

Sample pictures and automatically generated thumbnails make shopping a breeze. Photos are water-stamped to avoid unauthorized use. Administrators have the ability to approve photos to make sure they are suitable to post. A secure user registration system makes people feel more confident about using a website with Xpose. Payment options include PayPal support and MoneyBrokers support.

Buyers have a variety of options to manage their profile, view transactions reports, buy credits, manage favorites, post news and more. Photographers can manage free, stock, special and exclusive photos with ease and assemble collections. As an administrator of an Xpose website, you can manager photos, upload, members, tweak site setting, manage site language, email and send a newsletter to members and much more.

Photographers can sell their photos several different ways. Private images are stored away but not listed on the site for sale. Stock images are intended for general use and offered at a standardized price. Special photos are high value images offered at a user defined price. Exclusive images only allow for one sale of each item, which is typically reserved for high value and quality images. Graphics are a section to sell non images, such as Corel 3D Studio Max, Flash and Illustrator. Videos with .FLV low quality previews are also offered with Xpoze.

Reliable hosting is critical to appreciate all the dynamic features this application offers. Xpoze does not recommend certain major web hosts such as Yahoo Hosting and GoDaddy because they are not compatible with their scripts. Interactive Online offers reliable Xpoze hosting for your stock photo websites. Harness the power of the highly professional Xpoze script to bring your stock photo website to the next level of success.