YOOtheme Zoo Extension – Create Online Catalogs

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YOOtheme Zoo Extension – Create Online Catalogs

zooCatalogs display relevant information and keep it organized. Create various catalogs types with the Yootheme ZOO extension. This versatile catalog system for Joomla has a comprehensive construction kit (CCK) so you can create your own customized content types. The possibilities are limitless with the ZOO extension.

Enjoy powerful features with the ZOO extension. Unlimited catalogs means you can create a variety of catalogs for all purposes with a single ZOO extension. Users find what they need with nested categories with a multi level hierarchy and unlimited depth for all possible purposes.

Sometimes items cannot be categorized into a single area. Make items easier to find with multi-mapping. ZOO extension lets you assign content items to multiple categories and catalogs to give them the most possible exposure.

With the ZOO extension, you can customize multiple areas to have their own unique appearance. Each catalog can have its own layout and singular design. The templates make it quick and easy to style with a professional look. Custom types with an unlimited combination of elements means if you can imagine it, you can build it with the ZOO extension.

The ZOO extension also provides a rich set of interactive elements for greater depth and exposure. Pluggable elements include forms, videos, ratings, images and more for added value and essential data collection. The customization possibilities have no bounds.

There are two different editions of the ZOO extension. ZOO is open source software developed for Joomla 1.5 under the GNU General Public License. The LITE edition is free and the PRO edition is available for purchase. Based on your business and catalog needs, compare the LITE versus the PRO to see which one is best. LITE is for lightweight tasks and professional offers pre-built templates and types with richer elements.

In addition to the ZOO extension, there is a menu module and search plugin bundled into the download. This allows a seamless integration into your Joomla content management system for the organization and presentation you want.

The menu module is like the ones used by Joomla. Any catalog is rendered with a certain start and end level. The styling possibilities from the YOOtheme templates are an added benefits with the ZOO menu module. Menus look like the template’s own with a YOO theme template for a totally professional feel.

The search plugin is practical and function to show results that matter. ZOO search uses a natural language search focused on usability by spoken languages such as English. The results of a full text search are ranked by relevance just like any other search engine. The index makes searching faster, especially when large numbers of articles appear.

Social bookmarks make entries even easier to locate. Rating gives greater value to the content and its meaning. For questions and suggestions, ZOO offers six months forum access with the PRO version.

The ZOO extension gives you rich catalog features with many possibilities. Use the ZOO extension for the professional appearance and organization to make the most of your Joomla site.