YOOtweet – Joomla Module Extension

YOOtweet – Joomla Module Extension

you tweet twitter Show users what you’re up to! The YOOtweet module is the neatest way to display your Twitter entries directly on your website. Its high performance is outstanding: We designed it for highly frequented websites. All displayed tweets get cached so they show up super fast. To choose which tweets you want to show you have a lot of options that you can also combine: You can set a user name whose tweets you want to display, to only show tweets to a user you’re writing to or tweets that contain a certain hash-tag or a specific word.

Parameter Options

All parameter options for the YOOtweet module.

The YOOtweet styling (List, Single)

From a User
Display tweets from a user

To a User
Display tweets to a user

Referencing a User
Display tweets referencing a user

Containing a Hashtag
Display tweets containing a hashtag (up to 16 characters)

Containing a Word
Display tweets containing a word

Show/Hide the image of the Twitter user

Show/Hide author of the tweets

Publish Date
Show/Hide the publish date of the tweets

Image Size
Default Twitter image size is 48px.

Number of Tweets
Maximum number of tweets to display

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