YOS Resources Manager

YOS Resources Manager

YOS Resources ManagerYOS Resources Manager (YRM) contains a Joomla component, a Joomla system plug-in and various Joomla YRM plug-in.

YRM works in both of back-end and front-end

With YRM, you can define a tree of your Joomla site resources, then decide who can access them.

Resources can be Joomla articles, categories, sections. They also is a file which stored in Remository or Docman component, a forum in a CCboard, a profile page in Community Builder or Jomsocial…

Any pages, any actions of your Joomla site are resources.

Once resources are defined, you can

* Assign them to users with a specific access times and period (start and expired date)
* Define Roles then assign resources to role with start and expired date
* Define Groups, then assign roles and users to group.
* Create packages, a package can contains resources, roles and groups.

When users access a resouce which is available in a package, YRM will show available packages and they can buy one of them with Paypal payment method.

There are many more features, just download, install and discover 😉

Thank you

YOS Team


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