YouJoomla – Premium Joomla Template Club

YouJoomla – Premium Joomla Template Club

YouJoomla is a templates club with a variety of templates and extensions to expand the use of Joomla! Based on your membership licenses, you can download and use a variety of existing and future Joomla templates including PSD and additional source files.

Expand the capacities of your website, blogs and forums with easy-to-use templates from YouJoomla. A wide variety of Joomla templates and extensions means you can make your online real estate as interactive as you choose.

Depending on your YouJoomla membership, you enjoy unlimited members only support forums access. This means you have the ability to search for answers to your Joomla inquiries 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Customer support makes it simpler to customize templates and extensions to improve your web environment.

For those who don’t want a membership license to the You Joomla Template Club, a single Joomla template purchase option exists. This makes YouJoomla templates more affordable and accessible to all visitors. The new line of Joomla products can be purchased without additional modules or a DEMO starter. Single purchase pricing is reasonable for those who do not like membership or who might be working on a tight budget.

Once you make a single template purchase, you visit a link to download it and register your information. This gives you access to the Template Shop but you cannot login to the Template Club forums. To gain access to this essential area, you need to create a free Templates Club account.

YouJoomla templates and extensions can be used indefinitely. Even if your membership expires, you are not obligated to take the templates down. You can still use any and all templates which are released prior and during your membership period. This gives you greater flexibility without longterm commitments. Even if you move your website from one host to another, this policy remains intact. Remember users do not get further support once their membership expires.

YouJoomla work is original and filed with copyright offices internationally. This means you cannot redistribute or resell YouJoomla templates without prior written consent from the company. Abuse of content may result in legal action for resulting losses. Exclusive rights are not granted for items downloaded from their website. However, with a developer membership you are entitled to remove the template copyright and reference it as “Powered by Your Company” or “Designed By Your Company” instead.

If you do not wish to purchase a developer membership that entitles you to remove the copyright, you can also purchase template copyright removal individual. For a nominal fee per domain, it is simple to remove YouJoomla template copyrights. No matter which option you choose, the unique website design becomes your own.

Templates are the simplest way to customize and update your Joomla website. YouJoomla offers various membership and product purchase options to accommodate all types of webpreneurs. Whether you operate one website or you’re a website developer, there are countless templates and extensions for your use at YouJoomla.


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