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Understanding the Differences Between Microservices, Monoliths, SOA and APIs

What's the difference between microservice architecture, monolith architecture, SOA and APIs? PHOTO: Shutterstock Brands as large as Google, Amazon, Uber and Netflix have transitioned away from monolithic software architecture in recent years. Microservice architecture is the latest (and some would say the greatest) framework being deployed by development teams both large and small —  but what other options are there? With so many buzzwords and...

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What are Microservices and Can this Architecture Improve Your Application Development?

PHOTO: Shutterstock The software products we use every day for both business and leisure are going through a quiet transition behind the scenes. A decade ago, it was the norm to build software as one, large, unified product — as a monolith. But in recent years, there has been more adoption of microservices, or microservice architecture, which constitutes a drastically different approach to building software. What...

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13 Subreddits For Coding & Programming Help

Looking for help with coding but don’t know where to go? Thankfully there are tons of online forums and communities where developers will answer questions and help you solve problems. Reddit is one of the largest social...

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