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The Ultimate Guide to Theme Template Files in WordPress

If you’ve ever delved under the hood of a WordPress theme, you’ll know that it contains four kinds of files: the stylesheet, the functions file, a number of template parts, and one or (most likely) more template files. For a theme to work, it must have at least two files: the stylesheet and an index.php template file. But most themes will have more template files than that, each of which is...

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HTML to WordPress Theme Tutorial: Step 1 – Converting Your HTML to PHP

For many of us, our first experience of coding for WordPress is when we write our first theme. After all, every WordPress site needs a theme, and if you want something bespoke then it makes sense to code it yourself. When I started out with WordPress in 2010, I’d never worked with a content management system (CMS) before. But I’d coded plenty of HTML and CSS, either within large sites that used...

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