customer data

How Thick Data Helps You Build Emotional Connections With Customers

PHOTO: Alex Holyoake In today’s data-driven world, marketers amass immense amounts of customer information through numerous sources such as analytics, CRMs and loyalty programs — all of which provide plenty of quantitative data about customers. This type of data offers the when, where, what and how of your customers’ interactions with your experiences. But critically, it does not provide the why....

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What is Data Management and What it Means for Your Customers

PHOTO: Shutterstock Every day companies collect data from multiple sources like customers, vendors, or tax, legislative and other reporting bodies. In fact, by 2020 IBM estimates that 43 trillion gigabytes of data will be created. Businesses will need workers, robust processes and tools to manage and make that data actionable. What is Data Management Data management is all about...

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