3 Essential Design Trends, April 2024

by | Mar 25, 2024 | Compilations, Digital Marketing

The article discusses a variety of design trends for Spring, covering aspects such as UX design and color choices. The author highlights the emergence of fun and interactive elements in design projects, facilitated by advancements in technology and internet connectivity. Examples of websites showcasing these trends are provided, such as Double 2, Akaru, and Your Majesty, each incorporating unique features like color pickers and immersive content experiences.

Another trend highlighted in the article is the resurgence of black and white imagery in website design, emphasizing the importance of storytelling and brand connection when utilizing this classic aesthetic. Websites like Michelle Benzer, Luciano de Crescenzo, and The Boathouse Agency are cited as examples of effective use of black and white visuals, transitioning into color for added impact.

Furthermore, the article discusses the return of bright colors in website design, specifically popular colors like pink and purple from Material Design palettes. Websites like Joseph Yosep, Function and Form, and Say Social are mentioned for their use of vibrant colors and engaging animations to enhance user experience. The author concludes by suggesting that these trends can provide inspiration for upcoming website design projects, encouraging designers to explore new ideas and experiment with different visual elements for a fresh and engaging user experience.

The author of the article, Carrie Cousins, is a freelance writer with extensive experience in the communications industry, including writing for print and online publications. Readers are invited to connect with Carrie on Twitter at @carriecousins for further insights and discussions on design trends.

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