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Paulo Campesi
Paulo Campesi
Professional Green Cleaners

Dave is very professional and a pleasure to do business with. His communication is outstanding and finished products are always top notch. It is really nice dealing with someone who not only knows his trade well, but understands the follow through and customer service aspects of doing business. I would definitely recommend Dave and Interactive Online to anyone!

The Box in Carrollwood
The Box in Carrollwood Testimonial

Thank you very much for your creative input, super service and making our website better than the industry norm. Thanks to you we have a great product and the responses from our members are awesome.

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Gary Laughlin
Superior Service, Always Available

After many, many years I can say that interactiveonline's customer service is just plain great.

Fred Schreiber
Fred Schreiber
E.K. Schreiber Rare Books

What I appreciate most about Interactive is that I never have to worry, and can just relax knowing that my site is hosted by a superlatively reliable company. In fact, I never even have to THINK about my site, just as I don’t have to think about the Sun rising in the morning or the moon appearing at night. I take it for granted that everything will go as it should.

Mellinger Beer Dist
Jaime Hively
Mellinger Beer Dist

We are very happy with your service that we have received from interactiveonline for the past several years. The few times we had issues David was very quick to help resolve our issues. Thanks for all of your help in the past and in the future to come.

Salt Lake Community College
Connie Nomann
Salt Lake Community College

I have always received a prompt reply to questions or when in need of assistance and all issues are quickly resolved. One of the best companies I've ever worked with.

Blue Ribbon Personnel Services
MJT Enterprises Inc

David has always been responsive to our tickets and support, and I like the new chat feature - (especially when it's just a quick question)

Forgotten Delights
Dianne Durante

Interactiveonline has been hosting my website for 10+ years, and the best I can say about them is that I seldom have to think about them! They do exactly as promised. When I do need assistance (e.g., forgetting how to do a simple task because it's one I don't often do), their reply is always prompt and helpful.

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Gregory Temkin
Reliable & Secure

I have been hosting multiple web sites with Interactiveonline for over a decade. They have always been an excellent host, providing not only reliable secure hosting, but fast and professional support every time I needed it.

BLDG Sci Consulting
BLDG Sci Consulting

I've been with interactiveonline now for many years after working with many other hosting companies in the past. Originally I was skeptical since there is no “chat now” support function. But boy is Dave and his team fast in responding. I’ve probably spend more time in support waiting loops than I’ve waited for a ticket response with interactiveonline. Originally I mostly hosted low-risk private and non-profit sites with interactiveonline. However, over the years I’ve seen no performance issues with any of our small-business websites and can only highly recommend their services.

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Dan Ciammaichella
Stands the test of time

InteractiveOnline has been hosting my web sites and those of my clients since 1997. What more needs to be said?

Melissa Lackman
Melissa Lackman
Melissa Lackman Studios

I've been a customer for years. Originally, I put up a site for a nonprofit, and I returned when I wanted to make a site to showcase my art. Over the years, my questions have been promptly, courteously, & helpfully answered a stunning 100% of the time -- and some of those questions were quite silly! Two thumbs up!

Mike Fuesting
Mike Fuesting
Great personal service from real humans!

I have been with Interactive Online for over 10 years and I have been thoroughly happy with their service. Whenever I have a problem I get quick response/solutions from a real person. David does a great job. I would highly recommend this company to anyone that needs web-hosting services

NLP Enterprises
NLP Enterprises

I have been with Interactive Online for over 5 years and I have been thoroughly happy with their service. Whenever I have a problem I get quick response/solutions from a real person. I would fully recommend this company to anyone that needs web-hosting services.

Dan Herzel
Atholton Seventh-day Adventist Church

Customer service is always prompt and effective. It is truly amazing.

Gerard Holzmann
Gerard Holzmann
Nothing But Praise

I've had my website with interactiveonline for about ten years now. I rarely need help, but when I do there's always a quick response and resolution - very reliable service. Delighted.

Nigel Works
Long Standing Customer

I have worked with Interactive Online since 1999. Through my errors and other events, Dave has provided prompt, helpful, and excellent support. With limited downtime and an excellent value, it is hard not to recommend them as a full service hosting provider.

Latin American Center Social Ecology
Latin American Center Social Ecology

We run a series of academic web sites devoted to environment and development in Latin America. As an NGO, our resources and capabilities to deal with them are always limited. But with InteractiveOnline we get excellent support. And most important, it seems that they are always there.

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Excellent Customer Service

Over the past few years, I have continually received excellent customer service. Today was no exception... I was back online in a few minutes, with the issue traced to a reasonable protective action undertaken due to configuration problems of our own. I appreciate the rare-in-2014 opportunity to write in behalf of someone who gets it done right, and this kind of service is a large part of why I recently I re-upped with interactiveonline for three years. Thank you!

All Star Weekend
Mark A
Superior Customer Service

For the last 4 years, All Star Weekend Official home has been with Interactive Online. Orlando 2012, Houston 2013, New Orleans 2014, New York 2015 and Toronto 2016. We trust them and will continue to use them as we go to All Star Weekend in Charlotte in 2017.

Gary Jesch
Gary Jesch
Top Notch Service

How to describe IOC's customer service? OUTSTANDING! is the one word that comes to mind! We are extremely pleased to recommend Dave and crew.

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Jim Clark
Cam Ranh Ray Air Base

You guys are wonderful. I am 64 and was a Unix engineer the last 15 years of my employment. As you realize, you blink twice in this business and you are out of the game. I have now been a customer since 2000 for no reason. Thank you so much for carrying the water for me. Well worth it!

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Response time is very impressive

I am a new customer of Interactive Online that saw this "1 Yr Unlimited Web Hosting - $9.95 w/ Free Domain & Setup". I just setup my account for less than 24 hours. Before fore applying, I look many places and reviews is a bit lack of resources for me to think 2 days before give it a try as they have this host company up since 1997 and I can not find too many info over websites and different search engines.

I am someone rarely post reviews and honestly, I do not want to provide too many personal feedback yet as I am still very new to this hosting company and I can not really say anything about the Uptime, performance on this company yet.
First of all, I just renew my current sites with another hosting company which I am with them for 5 years. I have used few other hosting companies as well. Since this deal is very attractive, so I will give it a try.

So far, less than 24 hours the account is setup, all goes well. Email response time is very impressive as from my experience, so far, none of the company ( on any type of company and any type of email support ) that has this quick responsive time frame.

I sent an email like by mid night (EST) or by 11AM, so far....... all replies are within minutes and the issue, so far, can be solved within 1 email. Just make sure you ask the right question to get an answer.

Others, i have no comment yet on performance and uptime.
I hope in a month or 2, I have a chance to do another followup.

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Raph Galante
Interactive Online is Amazing!

I have domains and hosting with others providers and I can say that Interactive Online is amazing. I am not a web expert, but I use internet in a daily basis for working, so Customer Service is fundamental to me: with Interactive Online every question I had was replied to in less that 6h (many times in few minutes!!). I just can say that I'm going to have long-term relation with this guys. Thank you!

Kelly Raymer
Kelly Raymer
Great customer service!!!

Just want to say I love you guys. Great customer service!!! Keep up the great work y'all!

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Kona Pete
These guys really understand Joomla!

I'm hosting several Joomla sites here and I have to say, these guys really understand Joomla! At first I was kind of concerned about not having phone support but they do respond quickly to support tickets. I used to host my sites with GoDaddy but they are more expensive and they definitely don't understand Joomla.

Ella & Gilles Charette Holdings
Gilles Charette
Ella & Gilles Charette Holdings Ltd.
Positive Experience

I have been with for a couple years now and the experience has always been positive. David and his staff are client centric people who actually care about their clientèle. Support response is always very quick, David and his staff seem to very organized in not just responding quickly but answering general inquiries. I have dealt with 3 other hosting companies in the past before coming to, none of them even came close to interactiveonline's level of support. I recommend to all my friends and clients.

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Ex Godaddy Customer

This is a long over due review. Most importantly, I've been an interactiveonline client for two years. I found their service through a trade magazine and although I had never heard of them, I figured it had to be better than Go Daddy and Network Solutions. I feel it's necessary to preface all of this commentary by saying, 'this review is real...we use Interactive Online all day, every day and are moving more internet real estate to their service because they are that good.

We at Red Rock Digital Media live by the mantra "a product is only as good as the service they provide in support of their product". Well, interactive has service down in spades. This is not only a phenomenal hosting provider, but, David Tanguay (and team) are responsive and overwhelmingly knowledgable. Issues from script installation to domain transfers are all handled with the greatest of ease. Moreover, YOU NEVER feel alone...simple as that. Advice is direct, correct and most importantly consistent...

This review should resonate with anyone looking for hosting. We currently have sites that are hosted with BIG competitors; not only is the service slow and differing every time you call..we always leave with the feeling that no matter how long you spend or thorough you think you've been, you've got to look over your shoulder to make sure something didn't go wrong.

If you are in the business of websites, blogs or Ecommerce, Red Rock Digital Media recommends Interactive Online as an industry leading source of hosting and service.

Jynxxed Network
Aaron Gundersen
Jynxxed Network
Exceeded my expectations

I'm not sure what to say that hasn't already been said by every other positive review. Interactive Online has not only met and exceeded my expectations each and every time, but have uniquely surpassed every customer service experience I've ever had. The support is immediate, friendly, intelligent, helpful, and forward-thinking. The service is rock-solid, and the ability to do what I need, when I need it is always there. Unlike other hosting companies that I've used for myself and for my clients, Interactive Online has always gone the extra mile, and I've never once felt slighted, overcharged, or like my business was irrelevant. Interactive Online should be an role-model of modern day business practices and customer relations. Thank you.

Dean Nguyen
Highly Recommended

I would like to highly recommend Interactive Online for all your web hosting needs. Being an IT development company, there are may challenges we face, especially when we deploy and test web based solutions with our domain. Interactive Online has in depth knowledge and damn QUICK response with any problems we face. It's always good to know we are supported with high levels of expertise because even our IT support team needs to refer to Interactive Online for some guidance when faced with an issue with our web server. Keep up the great work! Highly recommended. I even left my very good friend's web hosting company to come here.. its just business!

Atholton Adventist Church
Dan Herzel
Atholton Adventist Church
Responds immediately to support requests

Fortunately, I have rarely needed customer support, but when I have needed it, they respond immediately to answer the question. This is the way customer service is suppose to be.

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Ex customer
Fantastic, great speed, & clear answers

I am an ex 1and1 customer and have been for some years, why? Mostly because whatever company I worked for they already had 1and1 installed so I set up my own dedicated server so I could run tests etc before applying to my work environment.

At no point in my whole experience with 1and1 could I understand the billing system and the POOR support they offered. I mean what company who runs a service dedicated to the internet can't take one off online payments? If they did I probably would never of had any problems. But I did and when I came to support I had to fill out a form where I usually got redirected to the most illogical FAQ documents or some random person who has never even heard of computer???

Thus so far I have had a very frustrating personal experience with web servers. However I stumbled upon interactive online because they had a greatly competitive offer on supportive hosting services for the Joomla set up which I have been very interested in for some time because of it being a very highly spoken open source community software application.

As you would expect with my past experiences I didn't expect a great deal of support or level of service so braced for the worst and dunked my toe and purchased a pretty standard and very low cost hosting solution to get my own Joomla set up.

I can’t believe how easy it has been! Immediately I could make one off payments just by using PayPal, No forced monthly subscriptions of unreasonable timing and 14 day turnarounds. It was immediate!

You wouldn't believe how relieved I was at this and from that point I was understandably a lot lot happier 🙂

But that wasn't what really made my day. I had numerous issues with 1and1 leaving and all the way through the interactiveonline team managed to deal with some major issues within one week! with 1and1 those sort of issues take months! and I'm not joking!!!

I believe a ticketing system is essential these days with online communities and interactiveonline’s ticketing system is fantastic, great speed of response, smart clear answers and no b*ll***t in-between.

I recommend InteractiveOnline to anyone who needs a break from a poor hosting provider looking for a break 😉

Hort Plus
Trevor Atkins
Hort Plus
Absolutely Awesome Service!

I have to admit that I started out last night to set up on my local ISP, was staggered by their domain hosting charges and with a great deal of trepidation picked you "at random" from the advertisements in PC Magazine! You have just removed any and all fears I had about working at a distance.

Comfort Zone
Randy Sheets
Comfort Zone
Affordable & prompt responses

Your hosting service, affordability, and prompt response to requests has prompted me to do ALL of my client hosting with you. In the past I have worked with various hosts both large and small and none of them compare. I am in the process of transferring all of my accounts over and will use you exclusively!

A Noval Approach
Karen Marquis
A Noval Approach
Real Pleasure

It is a real pleasure dealing with a support staff who understands the meaning of the word 🙂

Dragonfly Web Design
Yona Burdge
Dragonfly Web Design

Kudos! To I have hosted my website for many years at Interactive Online and been a reseller for 2 years and throughout the past 6 years I can only remember 1 time when the server was down due to upgrades. Now that's up time! My queries to the support staff has always been answered quickly and professionally; an invaluable service for web masters. I recommend this hosting company over others due to their fantastic support, inclusive features, competitive pricing, and their continued dedication to providing a full service hosting company which is evident from their ecommerce and marketing services. I particularly appreciate that even their basic hosting plans come chock full of services such as bulletin boards, formmail scripts, guestbook's, traffic statistics and a web control panel. This eliminates the need for me to find additional services elsewhere. I will continue to support companies such as InteractiveOnline which make it easy for me to do my job well, and provide excellent service to my clients.

Benedict Haven
Nancy Faulkner
Benedict Haven
An absolute jewel

You're an absolute jewel and have been wonderful to provide so much support for Benedict Haven. I have truly enjoyed working with you and have very much appreciated your patience when I ran into glitches.

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Personal touch and support is the greatest!

As I have said in the past, your personal touch and support is the greatest feature that you bring to your company.  Being in the business that I am I get offers to move my site almost every week and I know I am getting a better service from you than anyone else.  I will be more than happy to recommend your services to anyone without any hesitation.

Bar Fly
Terri Le
Bar Fly
Top notch!!!

The quick response and quick solution to my problem confirm that I am doing business with the right people. I will recommend you to anyone else that needs your service. Top notch!!! Your ads do you injustice.

Paul J Skomsky DDS
Paul J Skomsky DDS
A lifesaver in a number of occasions

Thank you for your prompt and helpful service! I have been very pleased with the level of support from your organization. You have been a lifesaver in a number of occasions. I can say you can be recommended without reservation.

Urban Baby Gear
Daniel Goldman
Urban Baby Gear
The glorious oasis that is Interactive Online

I almost don't want to tell anybody about these guys. Seriously, after years of sucky hosts, spotty support, and unexplained outages, I found the glorious oasis that is Interactive Online.

I was suffering from the dreaded 500 server error before I switched to them. I was sure that the problem was not on my end. The nasty thing about a 500 error is that a crappy host will lay it on your software even though we all know the problem was in overextended servers.

But those days are over for me now for good it seems. Interactive Online's servers are fast and well configured. Not only did they completely move my Joomla/VirtueMart site, email, SSL, databases Etc for me (for a very nominal fee), but the site itself feels responsive and professional.

The support staff at Interactive Online have been very responsive, helpful and wise (yeah, that's you David T.). I feel very fortunate to have found these guys. So don't sign up with them. Leave all the hosting goodness for me!

Les Eyzies Info
Paul L
Les Eyzies Info
Web Hosting with a Gold Star!

Due to Massive problems with my previous host, I did my homework and research for a new host. Due to everyone's very positive remarks / comments about Interactive Online Web Hosting, I chose them. I started moving some of my sites to their "New Home" that went very smoothly, except one site that would not pull up. I sent a support ticket, and ( I double checked) within 6 minutes, I had my first reply, and within 20 minutes the site was running like a "Greased Whippet" !!

And, it was not a simple solution, it turned out to be my .htaccess file was causing the problem, and to get the site working Interactive Online had to change some PHP settings to work with my .htaccess.

The fact that Dave and the Admin(s) managed to pinpoint this problem, and solve it within 20 minutes means they are Not just reading from a " Troubleshooting for Dummies" manual, but that they actually know what they are doing, and an extra bonus is the correspondence was clear, to the point English.

Without hesitation, I give Interactive Online Web Hosting a 10/10 with a Gold Star!

Steven De Salas
Great Hosting Service

Interactive Online is a great hosting service where I host some of my websites. Over the past year I have received lightning responses whenever I requested something. The staff is courteous, helpful and quick to reply to any problems or queries I might have. This is really important when you are looking to host websites for other people or having a service that requires little or no downtime. I'd not hesitate to recommend these guys.