🔥 Surprise Divi Cloud Giveaway. 24 Hours Only!

by | Dec 9, 2023 | Digital Marketing, General News

The article provides an overview of the exclusive Cyber Monday Sale being offered by Divi, a theme and plugin provider for WordPress. The sale features discounts of up to 60% off on various Divi products, including Divi, Divi Cloud, Divi AI, Divi VIP, Divi Teams, and individual Marketplace items.

Additionally, the company is running a special 24-hour giveaway for 50 subscriptions to Divi Cloud, a cloud-based storage system designed specifically for Divi websites. This giveaway is open to annual or lifetime members of Divi Theme, and participants must include their Elegant Themes account email address to enter. The winners of the recent Divi AI giveaway are also announced in the article, and the company encourages users to try their luck with the Divi Cloud giveaway.

The article highlights the features of Divi Cloud, including the ability to save and access design assets from any Divi installation, the option to save theme builder templates and sets, and the capability to save and manage code snippets. Divi Cloud also offers unlimited storage, automatic screen captures, and the ability to organize saved assets for maximum efficiency.

The Cyber Monday Sale also includes special Marketplace bundles, such as the Module Booster Bundle, eCommerce Bundle, and Blog Bundle. These bundles offer significant discounts on popular Divi products and are tailored to specific types of websites and their unique needs.

Overall, the article emphasizes the benefits of participating in the Cyber Monday Sale, including savings on Divi products, exclusive deals, and the opportunity to win a free Divi Cloud subscription. It encourages users to take advantage of the sale before it ends and showcases the various ways Divi products can streamline the website design and development process.

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