10 Rock Solid Website Layout Examples

by | Jan 26, 2024 | Digital Marketing, layout examples, Layouts, website

This article discusses 10 different website layout examples that can be used as a starting point for web designers who are struggling with the layout process. The author emphasizes the importance of simple and universally effective layout principles, such as choosing and sticking to an alignment, structuring whitespace properly, and highlighting important elements through size and positioning. The article also stresses the idea that great looking websites often use simple layouts and are not necessarily unique or groundbreaking but rather usable, clean, and professional.

The layouts include “Three Boxes,” “3D Screenshots,” “Advanced Grid,” “Featured Graphic,” “Five Boxes,” “Fixed Sidebar,” “Headline & Gallery,” “Featured Photo,” “Power Grid,” and “Fullscreen Photo.” The article provides visual examples for each layout and discusses their applications and variations. Additionally, the article offers examples of website templates and themes that effectively use these layouts to create attractive and functional websites.

The article concludes by reiterating the importance of flexibility and creativity in implementing these layout ideas, emphasizing that they are not set in stone and should be modified to fit specific projects. The author encourages web designers to take inspiration from these layouts and mix and match them to create new and unique designs tailored to the needs of individual projects.

Overall, the article provides valuable insight into website layout design and offers concrete examples and visual aids to help designers better understand and implement these layouts. It demonstrates how to use tried-and-true layout methods to create unique and effective designs, highlighting the power of simple and versatile website layouts.

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