15 Best New Fonts, February 2024

by | Feb 25, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Fonts

The article provides a roundup of the best new fonts for designers in February. It highlights some innovative variable fonts, a few revivals, and options suitable for logo designers.

One of the featured fonts is Gatch, a modern take on the classic geometric sans font. It offers wide and narrow glyphs to create an engaging texture, with the ability to customize headlines using the variable font feature.

Another font, Trust, is a large font family collection with three styles, ranging from sans to serif, each with three levels of contrast and eight weights. This results in a total of 144 different fonts for designers to choose from.

Occitanie, a vintage-inspired typeface, stands out for its single-weight design and Aegean feel, making it an excellent choice for branding projects.

ADB Detach is a stencil font with sharp-cornered shapes and expressive swashes, providing a unique twist to the genre.

Droulers Clarendon is a rework of Droulers, incorporating characteristics of Clarendons, such as high contrast and softening brackets on the serifs.

Motorik, a neo-grotesque sans serif font, offers a modern reinterpretation of type principles from the mid-twentieth century, suitable for screen use.

Other fonts mentioned in the article include Baton Nouveau, Gravita, Dx Aiter, Hegissa, Das Grot, Cabrio, Kessler, Zhicco Mippa, and Corela. Each font brings a unique style and design approach for designers to explore.

The article is written by Ben Moss, a designer and coder with experience working for award-winning startups and global brands. Moss provides valuable insights and recommendations for designers looking to explore new font options.

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