18+ Presentation Design Trends for 2024: Create PowerPoint PPTs With Impact

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Trends

The article presents 15 design trends and techniques for creating a modern and impactful PowerPoint presentation. The first trend highlighted is big, bold typography, which emphasizes the use of large, attention-grabbing titles and headings. Aesthetic vibes promote beautiful, classy and elegant slide designs, popular for fashion, lifestyle, beauty and luxury brand presentations. Gradient color schemes and retro and groovy design trends are also discussed, along with the use of asymmetrical layouts to create more stimulating and unique presentations. Full-bleed images, overlapping elements, flowing shapes, colorful text blocks, dark mode, and using gray are also mentioned as effective design strategies for PowerPoint presentations. Finally, the article covers the use of image overlays, high color, minimal monotone, and muted images to create visually striking and impactful slideshows.

These design trends and techniques are meant to help speakers deliver presentations that capture the audience’s attention and convey information in a modern and engaging way. The article emphasizes the importance of moving away from traditional, standard designs and experimenting with new layout styles and color palettes. Additionally, it highlights the availability of downloading each of the mentioned examples from Envato Elements, making it convenient for presenters to access the design resources needed to elevate their presentations.

Ultimately, the goal is to inspire presenters to explore these design trends and techniques to create captivating and memorable PowerPoint presentations that go beyond the stale, tired designs of the past. By incorporating these modern design elements, presenters can meet the expectations of their audiences and deliver presentations that are visually impactful and engaging.

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