20+ Best Procreate Watercolor Brushes

by | Dec 11, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Inspiration

There is a wide variety of Procreate watercolor brushes available for artists looking to expand their collection. These brushes aim to bridge the gap between traditional painting and digital artwork by replicating the dynamism, texture, and fluidity of real watercolor paint. The collection is suitable for both seasoned professionals and beginners, with both free and premium options available for download.

The watercolor-themed brushes offer a range of features, such as paint lines, wash fill, splatter, and water blending. Some sets also include high-resolution watercolor ‘papers’ for an authentic painting experience. Additionally, there are stamp brushes to add textures and authenticity to designs and brush sets tailored for children’s illustrations, Japanese style art, lettering, and hand-lettering.

The sets provide an effortless way to create realistic watercolor artwork digitally, with features like adaptable brush quality per stroke, responsiveness to pen pressure, and unique properties like leaking, dry, light, or heavy strokes. Some bundles also come with color palettes, smudge brushes, and video tutorials for easy installation and enhancement of creativity.

The watercolor brushes cater to various designs, including portraits, flowers, and digital illustrations. They are designed to enhance the Procreate experience for drawing, lettering, and creating stunning life-like watercolor effects on the iPad. The brushes offer an intuitive and versatile approach, suitable for modern and traditional-style artwork.

Additionally, there are free brush sets included in the collection, featuring various styles of watercolor ink, paint, and splash brushes designed by professional artists. The free brushes cater to texture, paint, and splashes, and include unique textured brush designs with watercolor-themed effects.

Overall, the collection aims to provide artists with a diverse range of high-quality brushes for crafting vibrant watercolor-style effects effortlessly on Procreate. With over 2,000,000 graphic templates and design assets available through Envato Elements, artists have access to a growing library of tools to enhance their digital artwork.

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