3 Essential Design Trends, November 2023

by | Jan 2, 2024 | Compilations, Digital Marketing

In the season of thanks, we are seeing common themes of comfort and tradition in website design trends. Three key trends for November 2023 include a focus on text and motion, modern serifs, and beautiful food. The combination of moving text and motion in website design is exemplified by examples such as Alfred and Skye High, which use typography and motion to create engaging visuals. Modern serifs, a distinctive style of typeface, are making a strong comeback in website design. Websites like Why Collect Seashells, Manhattan Brussels, and Six Eastern are using modern serifs to create an elegant and refined appearance, setting a certain tone for the overall design. Additionally, beautiful food imagery is a growing trend in website design. Examples such as Doe Donuts, Pantas Paladar, and Nurishh showcase visually stunning food photography that seamlessly integrates with the overall web design.

These trends might feel somewhat seasonal, but they are versatile and applicable to a wide range of design projects. The only trend that may be somewhat specific is food photography, but it can still provide valuable inspiration. Overall, these design trends exemplify the potential for creativity and innovation in website design, and they serve as a source of inspiration for designers looking to incorporate new ideas into their projects.

The article was written by Carrie Cousins, a freelance writer with over 10 years of experience in the communications industry. Cousins has written for print and online publications and has expertise in design and editing. Readers are encouraged to connect with Cousins on Twitter for further insights and discussions in the field of website design.

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