A Detailed Review and Guide (2024)

by | Jan 1, 2024 | Business, Digital Marketing, Product Guides

This article provides a comprehensive review of HubSpot’s chatbot feature, exploring its benefits and drawbacks. HubSpot is known for offering a premier customer relationship management tool, content management system, and automation platform for growing businesses with sales or support organizations.

The chatbot solution provided by HubSpot enables businesses to increase the number of support, sales, or booking conversations without adding live support agents. It seamlessly works with any chatbot deployment strategy to maximize the effectiveness of resources and engage with customers and visitors efficiently. HubSpot offers various options for setting up a chatbot, including task-specific bots and conversational AI bots.

The article walks readers through the steps of setting up a chatbot with a free account and highlights key features of the process. It also discusses the different types of chatbots available, such as live chat, concierge bots, qualify leads bots, and meetings bots.

In addition to chatbots, HubSpot also offers a connected live chat option, providing users with multiple conversation inboxes where they can follow up with customers, assign tasks to the team, and add notes about contacts within the HubSpot CRM. The article explains the elements of the HubSpot inbox, including personal availability, unassigned messages, conversation history, contact details, and chatbox and comment box for quick responses and notes.

Furthermore, the article provides insights into the pricing of HubSpot’s chatbot features, including the free tier, Service Starter, Service Professional, and Service Enterprise plans. It also evaluates whether HubSpot’s chatbot features are worth the investment, citing both the strengths and limitations of the platform.

The verdict suggests that while HubSpot is an excellent option for businesses needing an all-in-one platform, its chatbot features may lag behind some competitors, especially for users looking for standalone chatbot services with integrations to key tools and processes.

Ultimately, the article recommends top-notch alternatives such as Chatbase or Botsonic for automating customer interactions and streamlining business operations.

Overall, the article provides a detailed and insightful review of HubSpot’s chatbot feature, offering valuable information for businesses exploring the potential benefits of this tool for their customer support and sales needs.

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